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How to Clear CS Professional December 2022 Exam In First Attempt | SuperProfs

Clearing the CS-Professional Exam is the final level of becoming a Company Secretary. Only those candidates who have cleared the CS executive level are eligible for registering with the CS Professional level exam. This level of the exam consists of 8 papers in total, which are divided into three modules. With some amount of hard work and effort, it is possible to clear the Professional level of the CS exam in the first attempt itself.

CS professional exam

CS Professional Papers and Syllabus:

The first module comprises the 3 papers–Paper 1 on Advanced Tax laws, Paper 2 on Drafting, Pleadings, and Appearance, and 3rd Paper on Governance, Risk Management, Compliances, and Ethics. The second module again has 3 papers, one on Secretarial Audit, Paper 5 on Corporate Restructuring and Paper 6 on Resolution of Corporate Disputes. The 7th paper on Corporate Funding and Listings in Stock Exchange, 8th one on Multidisciplinary case studies are included in the 3rd module along with an elective paper on any of the following subjects:

  1. Banking Law And Practice
  2. Insurance Law And Practice
  3. Intellectual Property Rights– Laws And Practices
  4. Forensic Audit
  5. Direct Tax Law & Practice
  6. Labour Laws & Practice
  7. Valuations & Business Modelling
  8. Insolvency – Law, And Practice

The elective paper on any of the above subjects will be of an open-book examination model.

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Also, the registration fees for the Professional program is Rs.12000 excluding the fee for Pre-Examination test and the examination fee.

Note that there can be an exemption from certain papers that can be availed by graduates or postgraduates having written the recognised examination in the subject paper as part of their degree course curriculum.

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CS Professional study plan 2021

Cracking the December 2022 exam in the first attempt

Some of the following strategies can help you sail through the exam in a convenient manner.

  • Have a passion to clear the exam, no matter what may come. Staying focussed on your end-goals is important just as for any competitive examinations.
  • Have a well-planned timetable to complete the syllabus and also revise the learned concepts.
  • It is important to note that the clarity of concepts is vital as it builds your preparation and knowledge. Preparing notes besides attending online or offline classroom coaching helps a lot.
  • It becomes essential that you may need to attend lectures for certain subjects, especially those like Tax Laws. With the availability of online lecture classes nowadays, one can utilize them for smart preparation.
  • If you are a full-time aspirant, it is good if you can concentrate on two subjects every day, rather than focussing on a single subject, waiting for it complete to go to the next subject. Choose the subjects that is either a combination of strong-weak or interesting-boring or practical-theoretical.
  • Periodic revision is a must and the student can ensure that they spend the weekend for revision and answer writing.
  • Identify the subjects that you are strong in and those that might require more effort from your end. Then, devote time accordingly so as to score the maximum in your strong areas and not to perform badly in your weak zones.
  • Always read a good newspaper, probably ‘The Hindu’ and stay updated with the latest and relevant examples that can be incorporated in your answers. This adds to the quality of your answers and can boost up the marks.
  • Never forget to include a sufficient amount of time for physical activities and mind refreshments during your preparation since it is necessary to maintain yourself in good health.
  • Reserve the last week before the commencement of exams for revising the first 2 papers.
  • Never stress yourself towards clearing the exam. Of course, the goal is to pass the papers, but ensure that the journey is interesting. Remind yourself that you are not just learning for the sake of marks, but a larger and longer goal is to perform the role of a Company Secretary, which in itself holds a lot of responsibilities! Never focus too much on the end results, rather focus on your work towards the goal.
  • With a plethora of resources available online and video lectures provided for each subject by various coaching sites, classroom coaching is no more mandatory to crack the exam.
  • Devote around 12 to 14 hours of study towards the end of your preparation (i.e., beginning of the exams).
  • Never get frustrated by the long term duration of the exams. Always keep yourself motivated throughout the exam time.

cma study plan

Important chapters to be focussed subject-wise during your preparation

  1. Give equal importance to all 9 subjects split into 3 modules.
  2. All the chapters of Tax Laws are important.
  3. Read and solve Tax Laws and Drafting papers frequently, and the theory portions of these papers must never be neglected.
  4. The Secretarial Audit paper might be sometimes quite difficult to understand. Try to read and understand, making diagrams, flowcharts, etc., and summarising your notes for quicker grasping.
  5. For the theory subjects, try to reduce entire chapters in each subject to short notes with keywords. This will help you remember and recollect the points during revision and thereby helps you write answers faster.

“Nothing worth achieving ever comes easy!” As the saying goes, hard work, determination and perseverance are often terms come across by students preparing for such reputed exams and those implemented by toppers and achievers. Having a goal centred approach and smart work with the right guidance, motivation and a good fortune over you during the exam time can definitely get you across to the side of success. All the best for your future!!


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How to prepare for CS Professional ?

CS Professional is the final step to become a company secretary. You can get resources and useful tips here – how to clear cs exam – Step by step guide.

How can I study for CS Professional?

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