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How to Prepare CS Professional Banking Law and Practice

Today we are providing tips to prepare CS Professional Banking Law and Practice. ICSI has given subject wise specific guidance to CS Professional students who are going to write CS Professional Exam Shortly.

How to Prepare CS Professional Banking Law and Practice. In previous post we have given CS Professional Banking Law and Practice previous exams question papers.

How to Prepare CS Professional Banking Law and Practice

The objective of this paper is to give an expert knowledge of law and practice, relating to Banking and covers topics like overview of Banking System, Regulatory framework and Compliances, Legal aspects of banking Operations, Law relating to banking, Financial Analysis of Banks, Risk Management in Banks, Electronic Banking, Ethics and corporate Governance in Banks etc. Banking being a vast subject, its law has several dimensions. A treatment of the subject is needed which not only provide a distinction between theory and practice of the banking law but also treat other facets of banking in a scientific manner.

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Students must note that while answering the questions they are not expected to simply recall, replicate and reproduce concepts and legal provisions rather they are expected to have conceptual clarity, good analytical skill and an expert level knowledge of law and practices relating to banking so that they are able to solve case studies relating to various legal and practical aspects of baking laws.

Points to be Noted in CS Professional Banking Law and Practice Paper

Students may consider following points to improve their performance in examination:

1. Rigorously study all the topics covered in the syllabus

2.Practice case study based questions

3. Stay updated on the latest notifications and circulars issued by RBI

4. Have conceptual clarity on the provisions so that the provisions could be applied in practical questions

5. During examination, read the question paper thoroughly and analyse the given facts properly before answering the question.

The students are advised to read the RBI annual Reports, Indian Bank Association Journal and visit the RBI website to update their knowledge.

How to Pass CS Professional Exam

Here we are providing subject wise guidance to CS Professional students. See below How to prepare CS Professional Module – 1, Module – 2, Module – 3 and Elective Papers. Click below links :

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Elective 1 out of below 5 subjects

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