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How to Prepare CS Professional International Business Law December 2019. In previous post we have given CS Professional International Business Law previous exams question papers.

Today we are providing tips to prepare CS Professional International Business Law and Practice. ICSI has given subject wise specific guidance to CS Professional students who are going to write CS Professional exam in December 2019. Read below !!

How to Prepare CS Professional International Business – Laws & Practices

The current Indian economy is the globally integrated economy. International trade has become a vital component of development strategy of majority of the businesses in India. Businesses have to keep pace with the customer’s requirement and have to bring in services and products as per global standards. Moreover the establishment of institutions like World Trade Organisation has ushered a new era of global economic co-operation reflecting the widespread desire to operate in a more open multilateral trading system. Participation in international trade has become necessity for all countries and for companies for their growth.

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As the business gets integrated borderless, it expects the professionals like company secretaries to be aware of the international business, regulatory aspects and procedural aspects relating to international business.

CS Professional International Business – Laws & Practices Important Preparation Tips

The students should majorly focus on following areas in this subject :

1. Current international business environment

2. Trends in globalisation

3. Export management procedures

4. FDI policy

5. Foreign Trade policy

6. International trade theories, regional economic integration

7. Role and impact of international trade bodies like WTO, UNCTAD – current activities

8. Anti dumping cases

9. Trends in International logistics and supply chain etc.

10. Recent strategic alliances, foreign collaborations and joint ventures

The students must focus more on applicability of laws, procedures and tackling real life problems and solving case studies. They should be aware of current international business environment and refer to the suggested readings and list of websites given in the study material for latest developments. In addition to that, they can also refer Student Company Secretary e-bulletin, Business Dailies, and Journals.

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Here we are providing subject wise guidance to CS Professional students. See below How to prepare CS Professional Module – 1, Module – 2, Module – 3 and Elective Papers. Click below links

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Elective 1 out of below 5 subjects –

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