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7 Best Careers in the Financial sector

A career in the financial sector might not be all about the money, but it definitely gets a lot of money in your bank account. The key to finding the right career in finance is researching and locating a financial job which aligns with your interests and skills.

7 Best Careers in the Financial sector

Here is a list of some of the best careers in the financial sector that you should definitely consider:

  • Financial Planner

Being a financial planner means you are responsible for finance and budget planning for both individuals and companies. The responsibilities include investment planning, estate planning, tax planning, education planning, retirement planning and cash flow management.

To start working as a financial planner, you need to have a degree in MBA in Finance or equivalent.

  • Insurance Risk Manager

Traditionally, risk managers were only responsible for event related risks, but now, many organizations have broadened the role to include other risks as well. An insurance risk manager is responsible for identifying, evaluating, monitoring risks, and suggesting the right insurances for the same.

The minimum qualification that is required for being an Insurance Risk Manager is a degree in business finance.

  • Stock Broker

Stock broker is a completely certified professional who can buy and sell shares on the behalf of his investors. Being a stockbroker can get you opportunities with brokerage firms, but you need to have a very good knowledge about market, money, and finance.

To become a stockbroker, you need to be at least 21 years old, have a graduation degree and at least 2 years of experience in a stock broking firm. Though, you can become a sub-broker right after passing your class 12th exam.

  • Investment Banking

Investment bankers work in a capital market and provide advice to government and corporations. The responsibilities of an investment banker include – assisting clients with merger, provide financial advisory services, and acquisition activity. Not to mention, this is one of the highest paying careers in finance.

There is no specific qualification for becoming an investment banker, but it is preferable to have a bachelor’s degree in business administration and MBA.

  • Fund Management

A fund manager implements and manages a corporation’s investing strategy. The fund can either be managed by just one person or a whole team. Fund managers also take are of portfolio trading activities.

Though there is no minimum qualification, most fund managers start out as Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA).

  • Equity Researcher

An equity researcher is responsible for finding out the right value of the stocks that are trading on the stock exchange, and perform technical and fundamental analysis on the same. There are two types of equity researchers:

  • Sell-side – These type of equity researchers belongs to a brokerage and their responsibility is to research and sell investment ideas to different investors and earn commission on the total trading.
  • Buy-side – Here, equity managers research the results of different brokerages, combine their own research to it and send out investment ideas to a fund manager.

To become an equity researcher, an MBA in Finance is preferred plus a thorough knowledge of the NSE and BSE.

  • Corporate Finance

A career in corporate finance means working for corporations and help them find the required money for running the business, growing the business, making acquisitions, and planning for the company’s financial future.

A bachelor’s degree in business administration and an MBA in finance is preferred.

These were just some of the best careers in the financial sector. But while making a decision after your graduation in commerce, we recommend choosing a career in finance which best matches with your interests.