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Career Opportunities and Benefits of Clearing NISM Exam

The purpose of NSE certification courses in association with National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM), a public trust and the regulatory body for securities and capital markets in India, is to build up the human resource quality in India through educational drives and courses.


With no minimum qualification, age limit, or work experience requirement, NISM can be your golden ticket and that extra edge for your resume.

If you are looking for a stable and strong career in finance, then an NISM certification can pave your way for it. Whether you are a first year commerce student or a working professional, you can easily apply and pass NISM.

The process of applying to the NISM certification course is extremely simple and accessible. You can register on NISM’s official website, pay online, choose a convenient time slot and place of examination from the given centres.

The study material is freely downloadable after the successful registration and payment. Also, once the exam is given, the scores are immediately revealed and passed candidates (with 60% marks or above) get their certificates within 15 days from the date of test.

Career opportunities after NISM Exam

Aspirants in commerce, economics, finance, marketing, stocks, securities, and advisories. have some outstanding options after successfully completing NISM certification. The market has great demand for NISM certified professionals and the candidates no more have to wait for vacancies from reputed organizations.

It is also a great option if you are  planning to start your own business as it not only enlightens you with the financial and securities markets knowledge but also boosts confidence as it is challenging and not everyone can sail through it.

Here are the reasons why NISM certifications are a great option to help students and financial aspirants climb up the career ladder:

  • Recognized, reputed institution

Being associated with SEBI, NISM courses are highly in demand and trusted by corporations around the country. These courses ensure that professionals entering the market field are of high proficiency and ability to take up the challenges of the always growing and demanding markets.

This is the reason why NISM passed candidates are preferred in all reputed financial organizations in government as well as private sectors.

  • Enormous employment opportunities

The most important as well as assured benefit of qualifying the NISM exam is getting a highly paying job. A number of reputed and recognized organizations are eagerly on a lookout for candidates with an edge and an NISM certification can give you that much needed edge, plus a rewarding salary.

Students from Commerce, Economics, Management, Banking, and Insurance backgrounds can easily and tremendously benefit from these certifications. Even freshers can get a head start by clearing NISM course.

  • In-depth knowledge of risk management strategies

NISM Certification not only gives a remunerative career but also strengthens your knowledge about mutual funds, stocks and brokerage, financial markets and securities markets.

Candidates qualifying NISM certifications get insights into risk models, to analyze, interpret and monitor security market trends and portfolios. They are easily able to understand the processes for investor complaints and resolution, and risk management which are just some of the high in demand skills in the capital markets right now.

NISM courses are actually those short term courses in finance that greatly help individuals who desire to have careers in securities market and the ones who want to legally build wealth with smart, insightful and interesting ways in the financial markets – whether as an employee or an entrepreneur.