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7 Best Courses For Commerce Students Other Than CA and CS

The career options for a commerce student are extensive and vast, but in recent times, there has been a rise of a cult that brings the choices down to a few tough options like CA, CS, CMA, and the other affiliated chartered courses. This leaves out a lot of interesting options that are available for the commerce students but since people aren’t aware about them, these courses aren’t as popular. Refer this list of interesting courses to know the best career options in commerce other than CA and CS.

 1. B.B.I. (Bachelors in Banking and Insurance)

This is a highly specialized graduation course that has been designed while keeping in mind the needs of the industry. This three-year graduation course for commerce students encapsulates major industry areas in its curriculum.

Students not only receive an in-depth knowledge of the same but also get in touch with different aspects of banking and insurance. The bachelor’s degree offers insightful and vocational course for commerce students{Link – Top Finance Courses After Graduation in Commerce}. You will be eligible to work for any bank or financial institution after completing this degree.

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2. B. Com (Bachelors in Commerce)

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The oldest graduation course of the commerce industry has revived with time and has also become more useful. It covers all the basic commerce subjects and provides you with an insight of finance and business management.

It is the one graduation course in commerce that leaves your options open due to its inclusivity of subjects. After completing your bachelors in commerce, you can complete your masters with any specialization.

3. B.A.F. (Bachelor in Accounting & Financial Management)

If you have always been interested in practical aspects of accounts and finance, then BAF is the right commerce course to choose. The degree prepares you for managing accounting and auditing whilst also making you aware of the financial risks that govern a business.

4. B.F.M. (Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Markets)

This is a relatively recent undergraduate course for commerce students. This specialized course introduces students with the financial markets and the nuances it offers. It also helps them in understanding the risk factors, the economics of the market, and the investment options.

5. B.M.S. (Bachelor’s Degree in Management Science)

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This course has been recently introduced and teaches analytical methods for management. It also offers an understanding of management science that can be used in economics, engineering, computer science, logistics, and marketing industry. This is a relatively new graduation course for commerce students that offers better vocational opportunities.

6. B.B.A. (Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration)

BBA is one of the older management courses that offers you the best introductory curriculum for modern business management. This three-year graduation course in commerce and finance introduces you to accounts, auditing, finance, economics, and statistics giving you a complete knowledge of the industry. Another benefit that it offers is that like B. Com, BBA also leaves you with vast options to pursue after graduation.

7. L.L.B (Bachelor of Law)

If you want to pursue a course that is not directly related to finance and accountancy, you should opt for bachelors in law. It is a graduation course that offers specialization in law and offers fantastic future options. Being one of the most sought after graduation course, it is highly advisable too. You can either appear for CLAT or other entrance examinations of different law colleges.

If you are also looking for commerce courses apart from CA, CMA, and CS; choose one from the above list for a fruitful career ahead.