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How an NCFM certification can help you build a great career?

Acronymed as NCFM, National Stock Exchange’s Certification in Financial Markets is an online testing and certification examination conducted by the NSE. This examination was started with the objective of making stockbrokers, trading members, and clearing members apprehensive of the different subjects in the capital and securities markets.

NCFM certification

Why NCFM is an exceptional yet a convenient option?

This certification is extremely useful if you want to begin their career in financial markets or want to be proficient in the fundamentals of the capital markets. NCFM gives enormous opportunities for aspiring students who wish to earn accolades in the challenging and remunerative financial arena.

The complete process of NCFM certification is fully automated. Also, it allows considerable flexibility in terms of choosing examination centers, dates, and timings by providing easy accessibility and convenience to the candidates. Candidates can take up several mock tests to assess performance in the certification test.

The benefits of taking up NCFM certification

  • Skills and overall financial domain proficiency

After passing NCFM exam – you won’t just learn about the basics of Indian securities markets, but also about the various products traded, its participants, and the various roles they play in the capital markets.

The certification also acquaints you with various risk handling methods in a securities broking firm or a financial organization, along with clearing and settling of the process. You also become aware of procedures for reimbursement of investor complaints.

  • Expands career horizon for professionals from diverse fields

NCFM Certification is extremely beneficial for finance professionals, financial project managers, software professionals working for derivatives, equity, finance or capital, MBA’s in finance, students pursuing MBA, BBA, B.Com and others who want to start a stock broking business or are interested in new job opportunities.

  • Reputed and lucrative earning career

The stock market has always been a high profits earning harbor. However, due to various risks, difficulties, and treacheries, there is always a dearth of skilled and expert manpower to guide the end-user in the capital market. Therefore, there are always tremendous, highly paying jobs to for deserving and thriving individuals who are NCFM certified.

There can be four major career positions you can aspire for after taking up NCFM certification:

  1. The Market Maker – buys and sells stocks and shares in one’s account to make a profit
  2. The Stockbroker – buys securities from, and sells to market makers on behalf of investors
  3. Investment Analyst – provides investors and stockbrokers with information to help them decide which securities to invest in
  4. The Stock Exchange Professional – serves as a central administrative and regulatory body, employs staff, etc in SEBI

NCFM certification

  • Entry ticket to the stock market

SEBI has made it mandatory for all professionals working in the financial market industry to be NCFM-certified in the relevant modules prior to joining the respective financial organisation. Also, sale and distribution of mutual funds is made better if you have the NCFM certification. This ascertains fair client dealing in the capital market with the appropriate knowledge about the financial products.

  • Diverse modules to choose from

The certification modules of NCFM course are divided into three major categories including Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced, letting the students and professionals with varying levels of expertise to choose from different knowledge areas. Each module covers a particular area of finance and helps students understand the fundamental principles and methodologies of the respective module.

A candidate may therefore require to apply his/her skills in quantitative analysis, strategic financial planning , investment management and sales if he/she chooses NCFM certification as the next career milestone. A certified candidate can enter into the stock market as a trainee and after gaining experience, can get involved as jobbers (trader), dealers/relationship managers, investment analysts and the stock exchange representatives, depending upon his/her interest.