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Financial Modeling is in high demand among the financial companies across the world. By completing a Financial Modeling course from a reputed educational institute, the candidates can get lucrative positions in many companies within and outside India.

In India, the awareness about Financial Modeling is in its nascent stages, and there are not many qualified individuals to fill up a large number of positions that are lying vacant in various companies. This is the reason why many students and even experienced professionals are taking up this opportunity and getting themselves certified in Financial Modeling.

At present, there is no single certifying authority for Financial Modeling. As a result, Financial Modeling courses are offered by different education companies who have their course structure and certifying process. Getting entry into these courses is broadly open to anyone who is willing to learn Financial Modeling to advance their career.

Age And Educational Criteria

There is no minimum age or educational qualification specified for studying Financial Modeling. Students can enroll for these courses right after completing their school education. Those who are pursuing graduation or post graduation can opt for doing a Financial Modeling course concurrently in order to gain an early entry into a finance profession.

Since Financial Modeling is an advanced finance qualification, those holding a professional finance certification like  CA, CFA, MBA finance can also get certified to get access to a wide range of career opportunities in investment banking, equity research, corporate finance, project finance, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

Knowledge Of Spreadsheets

Financial Modeling requires extensive use of spreadsheets and similar tools. Therefore, students who I have a strong understanding of MS excel or similar spreadsheet tool will find it easier to understand the advanced applications of Financial Modeling which involve the use of macros and advanced excel functions.  If you do not have a basic knowledge of a  spreadsheet, then consider doing a course on MS excel before you enroll for the Financial Modeling course. Though most of the Financial Modeling Courses cover the essential concepts, some prior knowledge of spreadsheets will prove to be very beneficial for them.