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When we start preparation for anything, we are new to many concepts and strategies. We need guidance. We need support. We also need knowledge and strategies. All these are provided to us by faculty members. Faculty members in coaching institutes are some of those people who have gone through the same process that students go through and cracked those situations and examinations with flying colours. Below given are some of the best faculties for preparation of GATE CSE.

Best faculties in India for GATE CSE (Computer Science engineering)


GATE CSE Faculties

These are from different institutions and are all very well versed in their specialised course.

What do they provide us with?

Mr. Saroj Kumar Suman All topics
Mr. Ravindra Babu All topics
Mr. Subba Reddy Algorithm & Data Structure there
Mr. P. Sagar Computer Organisation there
Proff. Sundaram TOC & Compiler
Mr. Balakrishna Operating System

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Most people, when thinking about what faculty do, picture a professor in a classroom lecturing to students, or perhaps someone in a lab coat conducting an experiment. Teaching and research are known to be the basic tasks of faculty members. Less known are many other responsibilities that accompany these basic functions. Here are some of the duties, aside from teaching and research, that you might find a professor doing if you followed him or her during the course of a day.

  • Updating a course to involve new research findings
  • Helping students with subject matter in person, by e-mail, or by way of an electronic bulletin board
  • Developing a class website to further student involvement in a course, or advising students about how to use technology in the field
  • Working with colleagues to modify the curriculum to keep up with the changes in the subject or topic
  • Advising student about their choice of majors
  • Mentoring graduate students
  • Coaching students who want to go beyond the required coursework in a class
  • Counselling students about personal problems, learning difficulties, or life choices


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