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Gate Cheat Codes for ECE Students

For ECE students, the GATE examination is the epitome of a technical exam based on different topics. Following are the GATE tips for ECE students based on the GATE exam and its various papers. The syllabus for GATE ECE exam includes: Engineering Math, Network, Analog Circuits and Communication. Most of the questions are based on Mathematics, Networks, Electronic Devices, Analog Circuits, Digital Circuits and Aptitude.

GATE cheat codes are useful for ECE students in scoring higher marks in the GATE exam. The GATE cheat codes are techniques of arriving at the correct answer from the options given.  GATE tips for ECE students offer certain shortcuts that the students can take advantage of. The GATE cheat codes are mainly based on one very useful method called Elimination method.

Elimination method

The elimination method is useful in encouraging the students to use an educated guess which can help in getting a better score. While using the Elimination method students should stop thinking of negative marking. As part of GATE tips for ECE students, eliminate as many options as possible, depending on your pre-existing knowledge base:

  • If you eliminate one option, you have 33% chance of getting the correct answer.
  • If you eliminate two options, you have 50% of chance of getting the correct answer
  • If you eliminate three options, you have 100% chance of getting the correct answer.
  • Just try eliminating one option at a time then attempt the question at any cost.

Remember the rules of GATE cheat codes

  • If you cannot eliminate even a single option then do not attempt the question.
  • Never be afraid of negative marking, if you try to solve questions, you will definitely find answers.

GATE tips for ECE students regarding the options ‘all of the above’ and ‘none of the above’:

  • ‘All of the above’ option: If you feel all of above option can be the correct answer then try out the question even if you are not absolutely sure.
  • None of the above option: If you are absolutely sure please avoid it. It is one of the important ways to avoid negative marking.

General GATE tips for ECE students

  • Understand the terms used in questions which are the part of GATE tips for ECE students
  • The statements which use extreme possibilities with the use of the terms such as: ‘absolute’, ‘always’, ‘never’, ‘100%’, ‘0%’, are less likely to be correct.
  • The statements which use the terms such as: ‘may be’, ‘may not be’, ‘can be’, ‘rarely’, most often which do not talk about extremes, have higher chances of being correct.
  • Try to eliminate options by concentrating on mental images from books and videos, while answering.
  • Always read questions carefully twice and concentrate on the keywords given such as true or false etc.
  • Do not waste time, if you do not have any clue on the given options of the question.

The above, along with dedicated preparation and disciplined time management shall definitely ensure a good GATE score and help in securing admission in prestigious colleges.

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