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GATE 2021 Coaching or Self Study?

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is conducted for getting admission in numerous post-graduate education programs (e.g. Master of Engineering, Master of Technology, Doctor of Philosophy) in Indian higher education institutes. GATE scores are also being used by several Indian public sector undertakings (i.e., government-owned companies) for recruiting graduate engineers in entry-level positions. Hence a lot of candidates dream of acing the GATE exam, and they cannot afford to go wrong with their preparation strategy which leads to the dilemma of whether to join coaching for GATE exam preparation. The main thing you have to know here is How to Qualify GATE. Here we are coming with the point of how to do GATE preparation and qualify for GATE with a good score.

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The following points will perhaps give you a fair idea of what would be suitable for you and help you take a call whether self-study for GATE preparation is better.

Pros of joining coaching for GATE Exam Preparation

Many students feel lost as far as covering the syllabus of GATE exam is concerned. It is here where coaching steps in with the right kind of guidance and schedule for covering the syllabus chalked out for you. It is also good for people who lack self-discipline for maintaining consistency in their GATE preparation. If you study hard, then you will Qualify GATE with good marks.

You need not fear that you might have left out topics important from the point of view of the GATE exam as the coaching for GATE makes sure that no important topic is left out and the entire GATE syllabus is covered in a systematic manner.

You also get taught by experienced GATE faculty so you get the chance of learning tips and tricks which will really come in handy when you are running out of time during your GATE exam and help you get an edge over others.

You also get the advantage of interacting with peers and exchanging notes and study material. GATE coaching makes you practice ample questions so that you gain speed in your calculations and cultivate accuracy so as to avoid negative marking in the real exam.

Cons of joining coaching for GATE exam

Commuting to and fro eats up a lot of time which could have otherwise been utilized for practice and revision. It is also not possible to verify the credentials of all faculty members and you may not be satisfied with all the subject teachers.

Due to a large number of students, teachers at GATE coaching are unable to give individual attention to all students and many students are hesitant to get their doubts addressed in front of so many other aspirants.

Hence it is not imperative to go for coaching in order to crack the GATE exam. The candidates who are serious and disciplined can accomplish much more by self-study and succeed in the GATE exam.

If you are not working hard for your exams, you may qualify for the GATE exam, but not with a good score.

Pros of self-study

GATE aspirants can begin with clearing the fundamental concepts of graduation courses which is the most essential aspect of preparation for GATE exam. Self-study for GATE will also give you adequate time to practice, which will prove immensely helpful in acing the GATE exam preparation.

Self-study is a great idea if you can prepare an effective time table for yourself and adhere to it strictly. Set daily targets for yourself and complete them without procrastinating. Watching television, browsing the net and socializing, whether online or offline, needs to be kept in check so that consistency is maintained and precious time is not wasted in the absence of a commitment like going regularly for coaching. Be careful with the peer group you choose, so that you learn from them and engage in constructive discussions, rather than idle and demotivating talks. You may qualify for the GATE exam if you prepare well.

Instead of getting overwhelmed by the number of books available for the GATE exam, choose standard and authentic sources of study material. Make it a point to give lots of mock tests so that you get an idea of your level of preparation and also enhance your speed and accuracy. A very good option to supplement your self-study is to enroll in an online course for GATE preparation. This will not only save your commuting time but also provide you the right guidance for the GATE exam in the comfort of your home. Video lectures also let you pause and rewind when you don’t understand a topic, unlike classroom coaching.

Hence if you maintain discipline and consistency in your self-study schedule and regularly practice test papers, nothing can stop you from acing the GATE exam preparation. Then you can Qualify GATE with good score.

SuperProfs: A helping hand for GATE Exam Preparation

SuperProfs started with the goal of making the arduous life of aspirants easier by with the help of technology. And have successfully emerged as India’s leading GATE online coaching. Whether you are preparing for GATE 2020 course, SuperProfs is your one-stop solution for GATE online courses created by India’s best professors.

We understand that the thought of completely relying on GATE online coaching may seem a bit overwhelming at first. But once you try it, you will experience the flexibility it provides to you from the comfort of your home. The amount of learning can be enormous without you getting lost in the crowd of aspirants struggling to create notes with no rewind or replay option. To rescue them when they miss something!

Demo Lectures for GATE Exam Preparation

Feel free to watch the Demo lectures to acquaint yourself with how online GATE classes work and to experience the convenience they provide.

All online GATE courses available on SuperProfs are based on a well-designed pedagogy by handpicked professors of each subject. Our online GATE courses also come clubbed with subject-wise practice tests so you can gauge and track your progress independently.

Imagine getting 24*7 access to HD video lectures for your GATE preparation at your fingertips. Also, imagine being able to pause and resume lectures at your ease. Imagine studying at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.

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