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GATE tips for Computer Science Students – Important Topics

GATE is one of the most prestigious and competitive exams in India. It is the pathway to master degree programs in different streams like Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. Among these core streams, Computer Science is one of the top popular branches with the highest number of applicants.

GATE tips for Computer Science

Before preparing for any exam, checking the syllabus is an important step. One GATE tip for CSE aspirants is to comprehend the various subjects mentioned in the syllabus. To clear your doubts, a brief on each section is described here.

  • Engineering Mathematics – Getting a good command at Mathematics (especially discrete mathematics & algebra) will give you an edge over the preparation of other technical subjects. Go through examples and exercise problems covered in various books. Key topics are Functions, Relations, Counting, Propositional Logic, Predicate Logic and Probability.
  • Digital Logic – To master this subject, you need to read step by step and avoid skipping even a single topic. One must have the complete understanding of combinational circuits and sequential circuits in Digital Logic.
  • Computer Organization and Architecture – This is the subject to read after finishing digital logic. You need to understand addressing modes, pipelining & cache organization.
  • Programming and Data Structures – This is easier than other subjects as you must have studied this in past as part of your bachelor’s curriculum. Key highlights are stack, linked lists, tree and queue.
  • Algorithms – Focus on studying algorithm techniques like Divide & conquer, Dynamic Programming etc.
  • Theory of Computation – Finite automata, regular expression and context free languages are important areas to cover in this paper.
  • Compiler Design – you should not miss any key topic which comes under this subject. Studying Top-down parser and Bottom-down parser covers the important aspect.
  • Operating System – To understand the operating system, one needs to focus on paging & segmentation, deadlock algorithms and disk scheduling.
  • Databases – This is another subject which is easy to command. This subject covers interesting topics like normalization, transaction etc.
  • Computer Networks – This is also an interesting subject to cover; however it requires time to complete. IP addresses, TCP/UDP protocols are the important areas to read.

Studying the above subject as per the syllabus is the best GATE tip one can follow. A few more GATE tips for Computer Science students to assist them to draft their preparation plan are:-

  • Focus on fundamentals. Understanding of basics of each subject is utmost important as it lays down the path of next stage of preparation.
  • Revision and Practice are the factors which drive you from beginning to end. Make a revision note for all important topics during preparation.
  • Testing your skills and self-evaluation prepares you for the battle. You must test your skills on that topic by attempting online tests/quizzes.
  • Time management should be the key consideration during the preparation. You must learn to solve the questions in time.
  • Read from the books that explain concepts in a lucid and correct manner. Always refer to standard books written by renowned authors.
  • In the end, practice as much as you can. Especially, sit for mock tests in a simulated environment. This is the best way to be familiar with what the real exam could feel like.

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