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[Rank worthy tips] GATE ME Preparation Tips – GATE 2020

GATE Mechanical Preparation Tips – GATE- Graduate Aptitude Test is a computer-based standardized test to get a job in reputed public sector organisations and get admission in India’s top IITs and NITs or get yourself enrolled in MS program in foreign countries. GATE 2020 will be conducted in 24 papers and if you are a mechanical engineer or giving the paper of mechanical engineering, then there’s a lot of scope waiting for you including PSU jobs in GAIL, IOCL, HPCL etc. But the good reward comes with great diligence. Last year, more than 2 lakh students filled GATE form for mechanical paper and this year the number seems to increase only. So, to succeed with a good rank, one has to follow a strict study plan throughout the GATE journey.

“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

Get started:

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started”. We feel that July – August is the best time to start your preparation because you have around 7-8 months to prepare although you can still get good marks even if you start a little late but it will require some extra hours of work. You should have enough resources (in terms of study material and mentorship) if you want to crack GATE with good rank. For that, if you feel necessary, you can join any coaching centre. If you want to study from home, then also there’s enough study material available online and there’s online coaching available as well. SuperProfs is one of the leading online coaching institutes. Go to the official GATE website and download the syllabus. Every year, there’s some addition and removal of topics from some subjects. The key is to be up to date with GATE syllabus and prepare only those topics mentioned in the syllabus and focus on newly added topics.

Master your Basics:

It is recommended to brush up all the basics you have studied during your graduation. Start with a subject and provide around 1 week time to go through all the topics from that subject. For Mechanical, if you divide whole GATE syllabus into 10-11 major subjects, then it will take around 2 and half months of your time to go through each and every subject. One other thing to note is when you make a time table, don’t follow others. Make it such that it can get adjusted to your routine and what you feel will be comfortable for you. There might be topics that you had skipped during a college exam. Give special attention to those topics.

There might be subjects or topics that seem boring to you. In that case, prepare 2 subjects at a time. When you feel bored, start doing Math problems or practice aptitude. It will help you finish your aptitude syllabus in parallel.

Ideally, by mid of September, you should have gone through entire syllabus once. After that, you can revise the subjects. It will be the second time that you will be going through them, so it will take around half the time you took in the first iteration. So, by the end of October, you should have gone through all the subjects twice.

Practice as many problems:

The main thing that many students don’t follow is they don’t practice many examples. There are some phenomena which you will understand only after you solve their example problems. If you go through all previous years’ GATE papers and solve all the questions and understand the logic behind each and every question, then you can easily get 60+ marks. Other than GATE papers, you can solve previous years’ ISRO and IES papers.

Purchase any of the online test series available under reputed institution. Start solving subject-wise examples from that also. If it takes you 1 week to go through all the questions form 1 subject, then also around mid of January, you would have gone through all the questions.

One more thing that students overlook is making notes. Make notes of your basics such that when you revise it, you can revise a whole subject in less than a day. Make a list of the formulae also if you feel necessary. Coming to the examples part, if you are solving a question from the internet, then screenshot the question which you feel has some unique logic. If you are solving an example from a book then you can take a photo and make one folder which consists of all the unique/difficult examples from a subject. Now at the time of the exam, you need to go through only those examples.

Leave no stone unturned:

GATE Mechanical Lectures

When you start preparing, there will be times when you don’t understand a topic or have no clue how to solve a problem. Rather than leaving it as it is, don’t sit idle until you find the solution. Also, many students leave subjects like Material Science because it contains only 2-3 marks weightage. They don’t understand that those are the easiest 2-3 marks in the exam.

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Learn to manage your time:

It hurts the most when you know how to solve a problem but just doesn’t have enough time to solve it during the exam. For that, you need to give as many full-length tests as you can. Dedicate last one month to give test series. It will teach you how to skip questions if you don’t know the answer. Remember, even in T-20 cricket you can’t hit every ball for a boundary. There are some balls which you have to respect and leave them so you can hit boundary next ball. Similarly, in GATE, you must understand which questions you can answer and which ones you need to skip. SuperProfs also provides high-quality mock tests and full-length test series with their courses that you can utilize to prepare for the actual exam.

You can watch a few demo lectures by SuperProfs for GATE and see if you would want to consider subscribing to our video series for a better shot at clearing the GATE examination.

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