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GATE last minute preparation tips for 2020 exam

The GATE exam is undoubtedly one of the most sought after the exam for graduates from a science background, given the incredible career avenues which open up for students, post they clear the GATE exam. No matter how well you have studied throughout the year, it’s always the efficiency you show when the exam is just around the corner, which actually determines your final score. This fact is as true for the GATE exam as for any other exam in your life. In such a scenario it becomes extremely important for every candidate to know what are GATE last minute preparation tips which will them ace the GATE exam. Hence, to help the candidates score really high marks in the GATE exam, here is a list of GATE last minute preparation tips for the GATE exam.

The GATE exam can’t be cleared without sincere efforts. It can’t be cracked overnight. A sincere GATE aspirant may have a dilemma about what should be done just one day before the GATE exams. As they have prepared for the whole year, they don’t want to waste their year and hard work, because a night before the exam is very crucial to obtain a good score in the GATE exam.

GATE last minute preparation tips and tricks

  • Practice a lot of mock tests for GATE exam: One of the most important tips for GATE exam is definitely to take as many mock tests as possible. Mock tests are very important if you want to clear the GATE exam as they serve a dual purpose. In case you score really well in the mocks, it boosts your morale and gives you the much-needed confidence to attempt questions on the day of your final GATE exam. In case you are not satisfied with your performance in the mocks, they will serve as an eye-opener for you to buck up your preparation and work harder on your weak areas
  • Sleep well on the night before your GATE exam: You might be great at accomplishing things at the eleventh hour, but this habit of yours will make you pay heavily if you think of studying late into the night before your final GATE exam. Please make sure that you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep on the night preceding your GATE exam so that you attempt the paper with a fresh and relaxed mind. This will increase your accuracy, speed and hence your overall score.
  • Don’t start a new topic for GATE exam at the end moment: Keep the last couple of days before your GATE exam for revision rather than starting an absolutely new concept. Brush up your formulae and have a look at the equations to get an idea about the kind of problems you can expect. Don’t start a new concept last minute, have a look at formulae and equations to get some idea of the problems related to it.
  • Maintain your calm: The last thing that you can afford before your GATE exam is to panic. Just have faith in your abilities and the hard work that you have put in your preparation. If you get nervous, it will not only hamper your speed and thinking ability but also your accuracy, thus increasing your negative marking.
  • Do not guess and over-attempt questions: There is negative marking in GATE exam, so for every wrong answer you will be penalized. Hence attempt only those questions which you are absolutely sure of. However, there is no negative marking in numerical type questions so feel free to attempt all such questions even if you are not sure of the answer.
  • Learn tricks to speed up your calculations: As the GATE exam relies on the relative percentile, and is a highly competitive exam, your speed of solving the questions becomes of paramount importance. Hence learn some tricks and shortcuts which will help you in solving the question in minimum possible time.
  • In some engineering specializations, you need to remember so many formulas. 
  • You need to go through all formulas once.
  • Know your strength areas well, so you can focus on your weak areas a day before the GATE exam.
  • Revise GATE tips & tricks that were delivered during your classes.
  • Stay calm. Be confident and positive.
  • Don’t touch the topics that you left or not confident about.
  • Do not try to go through all the topics again. It causes unnecessary stress.
  • Taking a good sleep is also an important thing to consider, as you will be more relaxed on the day.

Don’t forget to take the admit card and Id card with you in a hurry. Be at the test center two hours ago and be relaxed there.

We hope that the above GATE last minute preparation tips for the exam will come in really handy to boost your preparation at the last minute and help you come out with flying colors in the exam of your dreams.

Opportunities Through GATE Exam 2020

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