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Gate Syllabus for Computer Science 2020 [Official] | GATE CS Syllabus

GATE Syllabus for CSE for 2020 GATE exam is here. Computer Science is one out of 23 papers in Gate exam. Aspirants with CS background can opt for this paper during Gate exam application procedure. Before preparing for Gate, aspirants should be aware of Eligibility criteria of GATE Exam. In this section student can view GATE syllabus for Computer Science engineering. GATE 2020 Exam is a gateway for qualifying candidates to secure admission for various PG programs in IITs, NITs and other centrally funded institutions. GATE score can also be used pursue your career in various PSU’s. Here you can get GATE Syllabus for CSE. Check out GATE Syllabus for CSE from below.

GATE syllabus for CSE (Computer Science)

The first step towards it is the knowledge of entire syllabus and GATE exam Eligibility. Go through the entire Computer Science syllabus and make your study plan accordingly. Get GATE Syllabus for CSE from this article.

Computer science Section 1: Engineering Mathematics

Discrete Mathematics: Propositional and first order logic. Sets, relations, functions, partial orders and lattices. Groups. Graphs: connectivity, matching, coloring. Combinatorics: counting, recurrence relations, generating functions.

Linear Algebra: Matrices, determinants, system of linear equations, eigenvalues and eigen vectors, LU decomposition.

Calculus: Limits, continuity and differentiability. Maxima and minima. Mean value theorem. Integration.

Probability: Random variables. Uniform, normal, exponential, Poisson and binomial distributions. Mean, median, mode and standard deviation. Conditional probability and Bayes theorem.

Computer science Section 2: Digital Logic

Boolean algebra. Combinational and sequential circuits. Minimization. Number representations and computer arithmetic (fixed and floating point).

Section 3: Computer Organization and Architecture

Machine instructions and addressing modes. ALU, data‐path and control unit. Instruction pipelining. Memory hierarchy: cache, main memory and secondary storage; I/O interface (interrupt and DMA mode).

Section 4: Programming and Data Structures

Programming in C. Recursion. Arrays, stacks, queues, linked lists, trees, binary search trees, binary heaps, graphs.

Section 5: Algorithms

Searching, sorting, hashing. Asymptotic worst-case time and space complexity. Algorithm design techniques: greedy, dynamic programming and divide‐and‐conquer. Graph search, minimum spanning trees, and shortest paths.

Section 6: Theory of Computation

GATE CS Lectures

Regular expressions and finite automata. Context-free grammars and push-down automata. Regular and context-free languages, pumping lemma. Turing machines and undecidability.

Section 7: Compiler Design

Lexical analysis, parsing, syntax-directed translation. Runtime environments. Intermediate code generation.

Section 8: Operating System

Processes, threads, inter‐process communication, concurrency and synchronization.

Deadlock. CPU scheduling. Memory management and virtual memory. File systems.

Section 9: Databases

ER‐model. Relational model: relational algebra, tuple calculus, SQL. Integrity constraints, normal forms. File organization, indexing (e.g., B and B+ trees). Transactions and concurrency control

Section 10: Computer Networks

Concept of layering. LAN technologies (Ethernet). Flow and error control techniques, switching. IPv4/IPv6, routers and routing algorithms (distance vector, link state). TCP/UDP and sockets, congestion control. Application layer protocols (DNS, SMTP, POP, FTP, HTTP). Basics of Wi-Fi. Network security: authentication, basics of public key and private key cryptography, digital signatures and certificates, firewalls.

Computer Science Engineering Exam Pattern for GATE 2020

Engineering MathematicsEngineering Mathematics will have 13% of total marks weightage
General AptitudeGeneral Aptitude will have 15% of total marks weightage
Subject questionsSubject questions will have rest 72% of total marks weightage

General Aptitude (GA): 10 questions of 15 Marks

Engineering Mathematics: 15 Marks

Technical Questions (subject of the paper): 70 Marks

Types of Questions in GATE Computer Science Engineering 2020

  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ): These questions will have 4 choices and would comprise of 1 or 2 marks. Candidate has to choose one answer that is correct and mark it.
  • Numerical Answer Questions: For these Questions, the answer is a real number which is to be entered by the candidate using a virtual keypad. No choices will be shown for this answer. It will comprise of 1 or 2 marks.

How to prepare for GATE Computer Science and Information Technology 2020

To Prepare GATE Computer Science and Information Technology Paper for 2020 you need to follow below-given steps.

Step 1 : Know the Syllabus

The first step the students need to take is to collect the correct syllabus. This step will ensure that they prepare only those subjects from which the questions are asked in the GATE exam. The same will prevent unnecessary time wastage by studying non-important topics.

Step 2 : Select the Best Reference Books for GATE Computer Science and Information Technology

The second step that must be followed by the students is to start studying those basic books of Computer Science and Information Technology that covers basic topics. It is necessary to clear the basic concepts first, which will aid in understanding the advanced studies.

GATE Computer Science and Information Technology Books

You can find lots of books with different publications in the online or offline stores, but I am going to share with you some best books which are recommended by the experts and universities for conceptual study.

Step 3: Identify Which Topics should study at First

You must always prepare yourself along with the syllabus provided. You cannot prepare yourself without the syllabus. After knowing the syllabus make sure that you cover all the topics relating to it and nothing is omitted. This will be very important to appear for GATE exam and win the exam. For more details, you can visit

Step 4 : Prepare a Study Plan

While preparing you must cross check yourself often with the syllabus you noted down. This will help you to work your schedule along with the syllabus and full focus on it. Then to know the timing you will require to answer each question, you can download the past question papers and solve the questions by yourself. Once you do this process, you will be able to recognize the timing required and correct it by yourself before appearing for the main exam. Timing plays an important role in the exam. So do keep all these things while your preparation and prepare at your best for the exam.

How to Prepare for GATE Exam 2020

  • Take a print out of the syllabus. See the weightage of different subjects.
  • Whatever subjects that are common to your current semester and GATE, or some tough subjects you have already done in previous semesters, start doing them. Read standard books referred for them. Don’t learn. Build your concepts.
  • Make your notes along side.
  • Make small targets, daily targets, weekly targets. At this stage, 3-4 hours of study would be okay. Actually, I’m defining the amount because people tend to ask ‘how time to study etc’. But actually, one shouldn’t keep time as the reference, but a topic or two as a measure of time to sit in day.
  • Keep targets of 2 or 3 subjects in a semester. Conquer them.
  • Practice previous year questions religiously.
  • Don’t just do a subject and leave. Revise it after 7-15 days so that you don’t forget it.
  • Mark the questions you feel are important, tough or conceptual.
  • Be your own critic. Take your own tests. No one can help you better than you, yourself.
  • Take a break of a day or two if you feel things are getting hectic.
  • Buy some previous year Question Bank, made easy or Ace. But do not follow them blindly. Look for better solutions to some typical questions on the internet.
  • Google good sites for GATE in Biotechnology, join some facebook group.
  • Have faith in yourself. Tell your parents about your aim and ask them to motivate you daily. The most difficult task would be to keep up your motivation high since the time is long.
  •   Don’t ever think about the results. Keep doing your share of efforts.

Last Step to Complete the Preparation

Lastly, the students must use solved and mock test papers as much as possible. This will help them immensely to clear the exam.

GATE Computer Science and Information Technology Exam Helpful Online Community & Forums

Online community and forums are helpful when you are newbie to the exam. Learn the tips & tricks from experts in these forums and communities. You can visit these reputed forums for GATE Computer Science and Information Technology exam related doubts and questions.

After completing B tech or B.E, most of the students who want to make their career in research and development, they look forward for masters. Getting a master’s degree from reputed universities like IIT, IISC etc. increases the importance and knowledge of his field.

When anyone qualifies GATE ,it means he/she has good engineering knowledge. That’s why R&D companies and organizations demand for GATE qualified score.

Important Topics For GATE CSE 2020-Computer Science

The following are the most important topics for GATE 2019. Study them properly to score good marks in the GATE CSE Exam.

Data Structures

  • One of the most important constant topics for GATE 2020 are Recursion, Trees and Graphs.
  • Maximum weightage is given to the topic of trees.
  • Questions from all the levels can come from the topics Recursive functions and pointers.
  • Easy Questions can be expected from the topics- Stacks, Queues and Linked Lists.


  • One of the most important constant topics for GATE 2020 is – Algorithm Analysis, Sorting Algorithms, Graph Algorithms and Heap Trees.
  • Maximum weightage is given to the topic of Sorting Algorithms and Dynamic Programming.
  • Questions from all the levels can come from the topics Divide and Conquer Algorithms & Greedy algorithms.
  • Easy Questions can be expected from the topics- Divide and Conquer Algorithms.

Operating Systems

  • One of the most important constant topics for GATE 2020 CPU Scheduling Algos, Semaphores, Paging and Page replacement algorithms.
  • Maximum weightage is given to the topic of Paging and Page replacement algorithms.
  • Questions from all the levels can come from the topics Semaphores and Segmentation.
  • Easy Questions can be expected from the topics- Disk Scheduling Algorithms and Deadlock.

Engineering Mathematics

  • One of the most important constant topics for GATE 2020 is– Matrix Determinant, Propositional Logic and Predicate Logic.
  • Maximum weightage is given to the topic of Mathematical Logic and Linear Algebra.
  • Questions from all the levels can come from the topics Probability and Predicate Logic.
  • Easy Questions can be expected from the topics- Groups, Functions and Lattice Theory.

Digital Logic

  • One of the most important constant topics for GATE 2020 is – Combinational Circuits and Minimization and Counters.
  • A maximum weightage is given to the topic of Combinational Circuits.
  • Questions from all the levels can come from the topics Sequential Circuits.
  • Easy Questions can be expected from the topics- Number system, fixed and floating point registers.

Computer Architecture and Organization

  • One of the most important constant topics for GATE 2020 is – Pipelining and Cache Organization.
  • A maximum weightage is given to the topic of the cache organization.
  • Questions from all the levels can come from the topics Pipelining and I/O data transfer.
  • Easy Questions can be expected from the topics- Machine Cycles and Addressing modes.

Database Management

  • One of the most important constant topics for GATE 2020 – Relational Algebra, SQL and Serializability.
  • Maximum weightage is given to the topic of Relational Algebra and Tuple Queries.
  • Questions from all the levels can come from the topics Normalization and ER Diagrams.
  • Easy Questions can be expected from the topics- Transactions and SQL.

Computer Networks

  • One of the most important constant topics for GATE 2020 is – TCP, UDP, IP Addressing, Congestion Control and Application Protocols.
  • Maximum weightage is given to the topic of IP addressing and TCP.
  • Questions from all the levels can come from the topics
  • Easy Questions can be expected from the topics-

Theory of Computation

  • One of the most important constant topics for GATE 2020  – DFA, Regular Expressions and Closure Properties.
  • Maximum weightage is given to the topic of Regular Languages and Undecidability.
  • Questions from all the levels can come from the topic Undecidability.
  • Easy Questions can be expected from the topics- CFL, DCFL, Formal Grammars and CNF.

Compiler Design

  • One of the most important constant topics for GATE 2020j– LL(1) & LR Parsers.
  • Maximum weightage is given to the topic of Parsing.
  • Questions from all the levels can come from the topics Run time environments.
  • Easy Questions can be expected from the topics- Lexical Analysis, Intermediate Code Generation, Syntax Analysis, SDTs.

General Aptitude

  • Important topics that get covered in GATE are – Numerical computation and data interpretation and Sentence completion and word analogies.

Best Computer Science Reference books – GATE 2020

GATE 2020 Books for CSE

The GATE examination is conducted for M.Tech Degree admissions in various IITs and NITs of India. The GATE examination is being appeared by thousands of engineers from various branches. CSE is one of the most appeared branches and GATE 2020 Books for CSE or say Computer Engineering are different from the others. You may check a list showing GATE 2020reference books for CSE- Computer Science.

List of GATE 2020CSE preparation Books [Recommended]

GATE Aptitude Books

Verbal and Numerical Ability

Books NameAuthor
Objective English for Competitive Examination 5th Ed.Hari Mohan Prasad
Verbal and Numerical Ability Solved PapersMade Easy Team
General Aptitude: Quantitative Aptitude & ReasoningGK Publications

Mathematics Reference books for GATE

Books NameAuthor
Higher Engineering MathematicsB.S. Grewal
Higher Engineering MathematicsBandaru Ramana
Advanced Engineering Mathematics – ISVErwin Kreyszig
Advanced Engineering MathematicsH K Dass

Best Engineering Mathematics Books for GATE

Books NameAuthor
GATE-2018: Engineering Mathematics Solved PapersMade Easy Publications
GATE engineering & Mathematics General ApptitudeG.K. Publications
GATE Engineering MathematicsNodia and Company

GATE CSE Books – GATE Books for CSE

Digital Logic

Books NameAuthor
Digital Logic and Computer DesignM. Morris Mano

Computer Organization and Architecture

Books NameAuthor
Computer OrganizationCarl Hamacher
Computer Organization and Architecture: Designing for PerformanceWilliam Stallings
Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software InterfaceJohn L. Hennessy, David A. Patterson

Programming and Data Structure

Books NameAuthor
The C Programming LanguageBrian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie
Data Structures with C (Schaum’s Outline Series)Seymour Lipschutz
Data Structures Through C in DepthS. K. Srivastava
Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy: Second Edition: Data Structure and Algorithmic PuzzlesNarasimha Karumanchi


Books NameAuthor
Introduction to AlgorithmsThomas H. Cormen
Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy : Second Edition: Data Structure and Algorithmic PuzzlesNarasimha Karumanchi

Theory of Computation

Books NameAuthor
Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages and ComputationJohn E. Hopcroft
Introduction to the Theory of ComputationMichael Sipser
Theory of ComputationVivek Kulkarni
Introduction to Formal Languages, Automata Theory and ComputationKamala Krithivasan

Compiler Design

Books NameAuthor
Principles Of Compiler DesignAlfred V Aho
Compiler DesignChattopadhyay Santanu
Compiler DesignPuntambekar A

Operating System

Books NameAuthor
Operating System ConceptsSilberschatz, Galvin, Gagne
Modern Operating SystemsTanenbaum, Andrew S
Operating Systems: Internals and Design PrinciplesWilliam Stallings


Books NameAuthor
Database Systems ConceptsSilberschatz A
Database Systems: Models,Languages,Design and Application ProgrammingRamez Elmasri

Information Systems and Software Engineering

Books NameAuthor
Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s ApproachRoger S Pressman
Fundamentals of Software EngineeringRajib Mall

Computer Networks

Books NameAuthor
Data Communications and NetworkingBehrouz A Forouzan
Computer NetworksAndrew S. Tanenbaum
Computer Networking: A Top – Down ApproachJames F. Kurose

Web Technologies

Books NameAuthor
Web Technology: Theory and PracticeM. Srinivasan
Web TechnologiesUttam K. Roy

GATE Computer Science and Information Technology Guide Books

Books NameAuthor
CS & IT for GATEMcGraw Hill Education (India) Pvt Ltd
Computer Science & ITArihant Publications
IES, GATE, PSUs: A Handbook for Computer Science /IT EngineeringMade Easy Publications
GATE Tutor 2016: Computer Science & Information TechnologyShanti Kirupani, Prachi Jain, Amrita Mishra
Gate Guide Computer Science & Information TechnologyG K Publications
GATE Mentor : Computer Science and Information TechnologyCengage Learning India Pvt Ltd

GATE CSE Solved Papers Books

Books NameAuthor
GATE: Computer Science & ITMade Easy Publications
Gate Paper Computer Science & Information Technology: Solved Papers 2000 – 2015G K Publications
Chapterwise Previous Years’ Solved Papers (2015-2000) GATE Computer Science and Information TechnologyArihant Publications
GATE – 15 Computer Science & Information Technology Previous Questions with Solutions Subject wise & Chapter wise (1987-2014)ACE Engineering Publications

GATE CSE Mock Tests

Books NameAuthor
Practice Workbook – Computer Science and IT for GATE 2020Arihant Publications

Download GATE Computer Science Question Papers

GATE Computer Science Engineering Question Papers 2017 – CS01 CS02

GATE Computer Science Engineering Question Papers 2016 – Set 1Set 2Set 5

GATE Computer Science Engineering Question Papers 2015 – Set 1Set 2Set 3

GATE Computer Science Question Papers 2014

GATE Computer Science Question Papers 2013

GATE Computer Science Question Papers 2012

GATE Computer Science Question Papers 2011

GATE Computer Science Question Papers 2010

GATE Computer Science Question Papers 2009

GATE Computer Science Question Papers 2008

GATE Computer Science Question Papers 2007

You should solve these GATE Previous Year question papers in one go i.e. without any break. Solve the whole question paper first, do not see the answer key and solutions in between. Solve these Question Papers as you are sitting in exam hall then check your answers with answer key and finally check the solutions and analyse your mistakes and work on it.

Each question paper is important for your preparation, so use them effectively.

Here is a list of PSUs for CSE: –

S.No.PSUAge LimitFees

How to prepare for gate CSE?

Computer Science Engineering is composed of these major topics:

  1. Data Structures
  2. Automata And Language Computation
  3. Mathematics And Digital System Design
  4. Operating Systems
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Computer Science Engineers must be well versed in calculation and basic programming concepts. You might want to revisit your Data Structures and Operating Systems to ensure your preparation of that part is perfect.

You must know how to apply the concepts to the real world and should be able to effectively cover all the test cases. PSUs only call those people for the interview who have a fair amount of score in all the sections.

Apart from that you must have proper knowledge of these topics:

Data Structures:

Programming in C
Linked lists
Binary search trees
Binary heaps

Operating system :

Inter‐process communication
Concurrency and synchronization
CPU scheduling
Memory management and virtual memory
File systems

Important Tips on how to crack GATE Computer Science

  • Computer Science Engineers must know how to write code properly. You should know the syntax and basics about at least one programming language. C++ and Java are the most popular choices.
  • CSE requires very good knowledge of the working of computers and hence, the subject on /computing /theory must be studies with care.
  • CSE students should understand the basics of operating systems and data structures as there has been an increase in their importance in both the market and the question paper.
  • You should know all the basic and popular algorithms by heart. Do not cram them but make sure you understand each and every word and it’s importance.
  • The popular algorithms about Stacks, Queues, Trees and Graphs should be studied properly.

How to prepare for GATE Exam without coaching ?

In order to prepare without a coaching institute, you must start early. You should prepare for over an year if you want to prepare without the coaching institute. The internet is your biggest resource and the study material available at Superprofs will surely help you. You can use the tips listed above and then you can attempt mock test papers for all the tests.

GATE Preparation Tips | How To Prepare For GATE 2020 – SuperProfs

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