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GATE Virtual calculator

In competitive examinations such as GATE, electronic devices such as mobile phones, programmable watches and electronic calculators are not allowed. If a GATE candidate brings any of the previously mentioned devices including calculators to the exam venue, then they will have to be kept outside the examination hall. Only GATE Virtual Calculator can be used by the students. If the GATE candidate is discovered to be carrying any form of calculator or mobile phone, he or she shall be disqualified and their result shall not be declared. However, students can still use Virtual Calculator for GATE exam.

GATE 2020 in a manner similar to GATE 2019 will provide students with a virtual scientific calculator. To be able to rapidly utilize the GATE 2020 calculator, a candidate should be familiar with the workings of the GATE 2019 calculator which could perform the following operations:

Features of GATE Virtual Calculator 2020

  • Clear all the inputs (C)
  • Backspace (←)
  • Arithmetic Operators (+, – , * , /)
  • Logarithmic functions (log, ln, log2x, logyx)
  • Trigonometric Operations (sin) Using Deg (degree) mode
  • Trigonometric Operations (sin) Using Rad (Radians) mode
  • Cube Operation (x3)
  • Square Operation (x2)
  • Power of Ten (10x)
  • Exponential (ex)
  • Factorial (n!)
  • Modulus or Absolute function (|x|)
  • Percent Operator (%)
  • Modulo Function (mod)
  • Reciprocal (1/x)
  • Constants (π = 3.141592653589793, e=2.718281828459045)
  • Exp (a * 10b)
  • Unary Plus and Minus (+/-)
  • Memory Keys (MC, MR, MS, M+, M-):
  • MC is used to clear the memory
  • MS is used to store the number into memory.
  • MR is used to read the number from memory.
  • M+ is used to add the memory to the number available on display, then stores it in memory.
  • M- is used to subtract the number on display from the memory value, then stores it in memory.

If the candidate faces any challenges in the use of the GATE calculator, he or she can click on the HELP button on the calculator to verify Do’s and Don’ts along with the limitations of the GATE virtual scientific calculator. As perceived, a candidate who has practised with the GATE calculator should find the GATE virtual calculator sufficient. As long as the candidate is well prepared, is capable of time management and has a good test-taking strategy, he or she should not require any additional calculator for the GATE exam. All the best for GATE 2020.

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