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IIA Exam Total Expense (Training & Certification Cost)

CIA is a coveted certification with regards to being an internal auditor. Being a CIA can help you obtain a job of your dreams. To get a CIA certificate, a candidate has to bear certain costs for membership, certification and training. The membership fee to IIA is USD 240 while for getting a membership as a student, one has to pay USD 35 only. While applying, a candidate has to pay USD 100 as an application fee if he/she is an IIA member. A non-IIA member has to pay USD 200 and a student has to pay USD 50. While taking the examinations, a candidate has to pay a certain fee for each of the parts.

The table below represents the overall certification cost for the CIA:

Membership Fee USD 240 USD35
Application USD 100 USD 200 USD 50
Exam Registration Part I USD 250 USD 350 USD 200
Exam Registration Part II USD 200 USD 300 USD 150
Exam Registration Part III USD 200 USD 300 USD 150
Total Cost USD 990 USD 1150 USD 585

While the IIA membership fee is optional, the rest of the fee has to be paid to obtain the certification.

Several review courses are available to prepare a candidate for the CIA examination. While the CIA website itself has a number of preparatory material and practice tests that one can take, taking a review course can be a good way of ensuring a good level of preparation. These review courses are online courses equipped with audio and video tutorials. The cost of these review courses varies from USD 400 to USD 900.

Online Exam Benefits Over Classroom Training

With the growing digitization of the world, online training is gaining more and more importance. Online trainings are not just a cheaper and time-saving alternative to classroom training, there are a host of benefits to pursuing a training through the online mode.

Online trainings are mostly video or audio based and can be accessed anytime anywhere. A candidate can therefore study at a time of his choice, even after finishing the daily chores of life. Since the video tutorials are available online all the time, a candidate can rewind a revisit a particular course any number of times. This helps him/her to work on the strong and weak points.

However, before investing in any online training course, a candidate must evaluate the course through reviews and feedbacks to ensure he/she is investing in one which adds value to their lives.