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The CIA examination is conducted in three parts where candidate’s knowledge on various levels are tested. A candidate has to clear all the three parts to obtain the CIA certificate. The topics and weightages of each part is provided below:

Part I – Internal Audit Basics Mandatory Guidance 35-45%
Internal Control/Risk –  Awareness Level 25-35%
Conducting Internal Audit Engagements – Audit Tools and Techniques 25-35%
Part II – Internal Audit Practice Managing the Internal Audit Function 40-50%
Managing individual engagements 40-50%
Fraud risks and controls 5-15%
Part III – Internal Audit Knowledge Elements Governance & Business Ethics 5-15%
Risk management 10-20%
Organization structure/ Business processes and risks 15-25%
Communication 5-10%
Management/Leadership principles 10-20%
IT/Business community 15-25%
Financial Management 10-20%
Global Business environment 0-10%