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Cut-off Score Previous Years

The CIA examination is a computerized examination where the entire grading system is done through computers. The unofficial result is displayed immediately after the examination. All the parts of the examination contain multiple choice questions only, there are no essays, long questions or case studies. Hence, all the questions have equal weightages.

A thing to remember in the CIA examination is not all the questions are finally graded. There are a number of pre-test questions which are intended to test a candidate’s conceptual knowledge. The pre-test questions appear randomly and look exactly like the graded questions. A candidate will not be able to differentiate between a pre-test question and a graded question.

A candidate has to score a minimum of 600 to pass the examination. The exact score of any candidate is never displayed since IIA believes that anyone who scores 600 and above is qualified to be an IIA. Hence, candidates can only know whether they have cleared the examination, they never come to know what their actual score is.

Results Date

The CIA examination can be taken by a candidate anytime, depending on availability. The result of the examination is displayed immediately after the submission of the examination.

Passing Rate Past

IIA reveals the passing rate of the CIA every year. The exam clearance rate of 2016 was 40%, in 2015 was 39% and in 2014 was 42%. Before that, the average clearance rate was approximately 50%.