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How do I crack SSC CGL 2017 in 30 Days?

Only 30 days are left now for SSC CGL 2017. All the SSC CGL aspirants are having a busy time now preparing. SSC CGL Admit cards will be released in July 2017. And, the exams will start from 1st of August. I guess this is a good time to write this article which aims at giving you a 30 days preparation guide for SSC CGL 2017. SSC CGL is comprised of 4 rounds of hurdles i.e. Tier-1, Tier-2, Tier-3 and Tier-4. And to crack SSC CGL 2017 you got to cross all these four rounds of the hurdles. The first hurdle is the SSC CGL Tier-1. People say Tier-1 is the easiest round of SSC CGL. Tier-1 is the eliminator round which eliminates those students who are not serious about the exam. Those 1.5 Lakhs of candidates who qualify for SSC CGL tier-2 are the real competitors. And I am writing this article for those who believe they have enough competence to make it to the next level i.e. Tier-2. Before you start reading just make sure that you have read the official notification of SSC CGL.

How do I crack SSC CGL 2017 in 30 Days?

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  1. A personal computer
  2. 8 hours a day study time
  3. A thick notebook that you will use for taking notes and solving questions
  4. A peaceful place where you can study without much distractions

Step1: Know the Syllabus | Day 0-7

I am assuming you are done with your 1st time reading of the entire syllabus. You can download the SSC CGL 2017 Syllabus if you don’t have it with you. First try to know the entire syllabus. Get familiar with all the topics. Solve some questions from each topic. And see if you are having any difficulty in solving some topics. Try to learn tricks to solve those questions as well.

Step2: Assess Yourself | Day 8-15

Yeah the next step for you is to assess yourself. It will show where you stand and what are the chances that you will crack SSC. Download the pas question paper. Give a mock test. You can find few useful tests from this website named TestBook

Make sure that you write your tests in Ideal conditions (Take as much time as it is written on the question paper, not more than that. Don’t take any breaks). After giving one/two mock test you see your results. Try to find out which are the areas where you are struggling. Then find out how you can improve your performance in that section.

Step3: Two sets Daily | Day 16-24

Now, it is time for giving the maximum effort. Try to appear all the past papers of SSC. During this period, you have to solve at least 10 Past papers and 5/6 mock papers. Try to improve your score every time. You will see your score imrpoving after every test. After you are done with this step, move to next one.

Step4: The Final Touch | Day 24-19

Here, not much hard work is needed. You have done all the hardwork in the past. It is now time for giving a final touch. This week you revise what you studied in the last few days. Do not take much stress. May be you can solve a practice set every two days. Make a comprehensive Map of all the things you have studied in this period. Make a list of tricks you have learned during this period.

Step5: Day before the Exam | Day 30

This is the final phase of your preparation. Just believe in yourself and feel confident. If you think that you could not cover all the syllabuses, you should know that it is okay. You stay confident. Go for jogging in the morning. Do not eat any heavy meal. Practice some questions, but not an entire practice set. Take a look at the Map and the notes you have made beforehand. Listen to music. Watch your favorite movie. Play some mobile games. Go out with your friends. Do not feel nervous. Do not discuss about exam with anyone. Know that you have done adequate preparation for it. Eat light meal in  night and sleep early. Next day wake up early. Remember that it is very important that you wake up early. On your exam day leave early for your exam hall. Stay focused. Do not talk much with other candidates. And have faith in yourself that you can do it.


All The Best for your exam.!!!!!

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