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How To Clear CMA Final December 2022 | Tips By a Qualified CMA | SuperProfs

Clearing the CMA Final exams seems like a daunting task to most aspirants. If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve either taken an attempt at the exams and preparing to take them again, or you know someone who has taken multiple attempts and failed. Venkata was one such aspirant who had 2 failed attempts at the Group 3 exams to his name. However, he was able to turn things around and become a proud CMA with only 2 months of preparation that too while he was working full time! He was able to do this by studying from online classes, which allowed him great flexibility to study whenever and wherever he could find the time! We interviewed Venkata to find out how he achieved his success and in this article from his interview, we will tell you exactly what Venkata did that you can do too with CMA Final Tips!!

CMA Final Tips

This interview was taken by Ms. Juhi Gupta, CEO of SuperProfs.  

Key Highlights of the Interview

0:17 – Clearing G4 in the first attempt with online classes.
2:08 – Leveraging the classes to become a qualified CMA.
4:08 – Time management tips for working professionals.
6:01 – What especially helped Venkata prepare better.
6:51 – Clearing both groups with just 2 months’ preparation.


 Juhi – Congratulations on clearing the CMA Final exams, Venkata! It’s a huge achievement, how do you feel?
Venkata – Thank you! It’s great, I want to thank the SuperProfs team, especially the support team, who helped me understand how to best utilize the classes.

Juhi – So you’ve cleared Group 4 in your first attempt. Did you also clear the Group 3 in this attempt itself?
Venkata – Yes, it was my third attempt at Group 3 but the first attempt after taking the classes from SuperProfs. I had two previous attempts when I was not taking classes from SuperProfs.

SuperProfs has been a great help to him as with our lectures and study material he was able to clear his exam in the very first attempt after failing for 2 attempts before trying our course. Read our study material so that you can also clear your exam in the first attempt.


Juhi – Being a working professional, how did you prepare for your exams while also working a full-time job? It must’ve been difficult for you.
Venkata  Online classes really helped me here. I have to travel for 2 hours every day to and from work. I decided to utilize that commute time by taking online classes and watching the lectures while travelling. 

Juhi – Since you used to study on-the-go, did you also utilize our mobile app to watch the video lectures?
Venkata – Yes, I did! That is a useful feature.

Juhi – Did you also refer to some other study material?
Venkata – No, the classes are sufficient since you can always go back and watch the lecture again. You don’t really need to refer to any study material as the professors’ classes are available on-demand 24×7. Any clarifications you need regarding a concept or numerical problem, you can simply watch the session again and clear your doubts.

SuperProfs online classes are easy to access anywhere at any point of time because of the unlimited viewing policy, you can watch the lectures again and again as many times as you would like to until you have cleared all your doubts.

He chooses online classes because he is a full time working professional who only finds time to study while traveling and on weekends. With our app, he was able to study while traveling and whenever he wanted to study he had full access to any lecture which he wanted to study at any time.

Juhi – That’s a good point because a lot of our other students also tell us that in the options like pen drive classes or all other online classes, there is a restriction on how many times you can watch a video lecture. Then it gets locked, so you can’t watch it again. But with SuperProfs, there is no restriction. How did this factor help you in your preparation?
Venkata – When I was looking for online classes, I explored a lot of other options, but I found SuperProfs the most suitable and useful. In addition to unlimited views, the quality and speed of video lectures were also great. It works on low bandwidth as well and the video loads in the back end so there is no buffering. You can even resume from where you left off.


CMA Final Tips by a Qualified CMA

Juhi – How did you plan your time as a working professional and what are your tips for other aspirants who are trying to do the same thing?
Venkata – First, as I said before, I utilized my commute time which everyone should do. Secondly, I made time to study on the weekends when I don’t have work.

Juhi – How long did you study on the weekends?
Venkata – Since I’m working in the same field, my practical knowledge supplements my theoretical knowledge. So, I had to study for only 3-4 hours on the weekends. A lot of the concepts and their applications are already in my knowledge as I’m working on the same field for which I was studying. But, my tip for other aspirants would be to go for online classes. Nowadays, information can be accessed easily from anywhere through the Internet. It makes sense to utilize the technology and resources available to you for your preparation. You will not gain much from self-study and you will only end up wasting your time. I have done it myself and couldn’t clear Group 3 in two attempts, so I know that it does not help. On the other hand, when I decided to take online classes, I was able to clear not only Group 3 but also Group 4 in the first attempt. You can indeed study at your own time when you have the advantage of online classes.

Juhi – Any specific feature or professor that you would want to credit for your success?
Venkata – Yes, of course, Professor Sanjay Welkins’ classes were particularly great. The way he teaches, you will understand all the concepts very easily and his classes are also very interesting. Once you study, you wouldn’t want to stop! Also, the video quality of his classes was exceptionally good.

Juhi – How did you utilize the PDF notes provided with the classes?
Venkata – I had to refer to the notes only 2 or 3 times. I found the classes to be sufficient for complete preparation because of two reasons – firstly, as I said earlier, you can watch the classes again and again, and secondly, my work experience and practical knowledge aided my preparation.

Juhi – Thanks Venkata, for sharing your experience with us. Anything else you’d want to say?
Venkata – Yes, although I had been unable to clear the Group 3 exams in 2 attempts, SuperProfs helped me clear both Group 3 and Group 4 in just 2 months. I subscribed to the classes sometime in April and was able to clear both Groups in a single attempt. I just want to thank SuperProfs for helping me achieve this. I’m very happy to share my experience as many aspirants choose the path of self-study which does not result in the success very often. They lose hope and eventually give up. I hope students will learn from my experience and make the right decision that will actually get them success. Thank you.

We hope you learned some valuable CMA final tips and a lot of inputs for your own preparation strategy from this interview. Venkata and other successful students make some key decisions that set them apart and eventually help them clear their exams. In Venkata’s case, it was all about changing his learning style from self-study to our online classes and adopting strategies like learning on-the-go to manage time as a working professional. It is also just as much about realizing that the technology and resources that exist should be utilized for realizing your dreams. These small observations, strategies, and decisions play a huge role in the outcome of your exams.

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