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CS Professional is a dream for many students, but only with hard work and perfect guidance one can clear it. Kavya is one such aspirant who also wanted to clear her CS Professional without facing failure. She cleared the exam in the first attempt after preparing with SuperProfs. She was able to do this by studying from online classes, which allowed her great flexibility to study whenever and wherever she could find the time! We interviewed Kavya to find out how she achieved her success and in this article from her interview, we will tell you exactly what Kavya did that you can do too! Read further this article on how to clear CS Professional and know all the exam cracking tips by CS Ranker Kavya.

How to clear CS Professional

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This interview was taken by Ms. Juhi Gupta, CEO, SuperProfs. 

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Juhi – Congratulations on clearing the CS Professional Module 1, Kavya! You’ve cleared it in the first attempt which is a huge achievement. You’ve been associated with SuperProfs for quite some time. How has your journey been?
Kavya – I have been taking classes from SuperProfs since my CS Executive first group preparation. I had actually cleared the CA CPT exam on Foundation level but then decided to pursue CS for which I took the SuperProfs course.

Juhi – How did you decide to pursue CS instead of CA?
Kavya – My family background played a big role in this decision. My parents are lawyers in the field of taxation, so it was clear to me that law is my field. I wasn’t able to clear CA CPT in the first and second attempts as I was also preparing for CLAT at the same time. I managed to clear my CPT in the third attempt, but by then my confidence level was really low because of the previous failures. So, I decided to take an attempt at CS which I was able to clear so I pursued CS and LLB and never looked back at CA.

Juhi – There are so many good opportunities in CS that some students are not aware of so they go for CA instead. But, CS itself is an amazing line of work. So, how has your journey been in CS?
Kavya – I’ve been able to clear whichever exams I’ve given in CS in the first attempt itself by preparing with SuperProfs. The reason for that is the faculty that are available with SuperProfs. I got to learn from the best professors who are not even available locally to me. I got their lectures online from SuperProfs which really helped me.

SuperProfs helped her to clear her exam in the first attempt. Watch the Lectures now and start your preparation with SuperProfs. Our well-known Professors will guide you to clear your exam in first go.

Juhi – Have you faced any issue yet with preparing from SuperProfs?
Kavya – No, I haven’t faced any issues during my prep. Rather, I prefer online classes than going for physical classes.

Juhi – Why is that? Are you a working professional because of which you prefer online classes?
Kavya – Since I work under my parents, it was impossible for me to go for physical classes because I cannot leave the office all of a sudden even for my exam preparation. Even during my exams, I have to finish my work early in the morning and only then I go for the exam. Being a full-time working professional, online classes were really useful for me.

Juhi – Did you feel the need to revise the lecture multiple times?
Kavya – It depends on the faculty but mostly I did not feel the requirement because I note down all the important points. But whenever I got stuck or forgot some concept, it was easy for me to go back to the lecture and revise it.


She preferred online classes over offline because she is a full-time working professional and online classes were really useful for her. Also, whenever she got stuck or forgot some concept, it was easy for her to go back to the lecture and revise it and watch it multiple times. As SuperProfs is providing unlimited views of the lectures.

Juhi – Why did you go with SuperProfs despite so many options being available for online CS classes?
Kavya – The main reason was the superior quality of the faculty. SuperProfs allowed me to select my choice of faculty and the available professors are really good. The second big reason is the facility of unlimited views of the lectures. The other institutes have a restriction on how many times you can watch a video lecture. In that case, you’re always worried about how many times you’ve watched a lecture. Even a small mishap like a power cut, while you’re studying, will decrease your remaining number of views.

Juhi – What other preparation resources did you use?
Kavya – I used to buy MCQ books with around 2500 questions. I used to first read all the concepts and then attempt a lot of MCQs. These books provide previous year questions too so in many exams, I used to get CQ type questions directly from the books. I was able to simply read such questions and mark the answer within a second. I’ve scored as many as 30-35 marks in this way in many exams!

How to Clear CS Professional – Tips by CS Ranker Kavya

Juhi – What are your tips for preparing for the CS Professional new syllabus exam?
Kavya – Frankly, with the help of your faculty covering a complete subject is not difficult anymore. Especially for Law subjects, I found Professor Dev Sharma’s classes to be wonderful. Just watching his lectures and reading the concepts once was enough for my preparation. Additionally, I would like to thank Prof Sanjay Welkins for his great way of teaching. He made sure that everyone notes down the smallest of the thing and also he used to make us solve the question of every variety in full format. I am the type of student who believes in full revision, but then I was told by my uncle that I should only prepare from my notes because of the vast syllabus and the notes that the faculty helped us make were helpful in doing that.

Working Professionals’ Special – Tips to clear CS Professional 2022 Module 1 | SuperProfs

Juhi  As a working professional, what was your study plan?
Kavya – I utilized the video lectures for my CS Executive preparation. Every day, I used to watch one lecture of each subject first and then practice that subject. The plus point of Prof Dev Sharma is that his classes stick in your mind; you cannot forget what he has taught because of the way he teaches. His notes and his classes are enough. Coming to my work, I took a sabbatical during my preparation. I start preparing only 2 months before my exams and when I start studying, I take a break from work.

SuperProfs study plan helped kavya clear her exam even after being a working professional.

Juhi – Do you have any tips for a CS Professional aspirant considering there aren’t many resources available for the new syllabus?
Kavya – Let me tell you about Drafting for example. Professor Dev Sharma’s classes are the best to complete your syllabus. I completed the entire old syllabus from his classes and then I utilized the institute’s books to cover the new syllabus topics. Also, Professor Divay Miglani’s classes were particularly helpful as well as the fact that the important topics that he had told accounted for almost 90% of the paper! I would also suggest everyone to try Professor Rajesh Kumar’s classes for Tax. the topics that he taught us covered 90% of the paper. The best part is I like whiteboard teaching and was able to get that with your faculty.


Juhi – Any tips for building up the motivation for those students who face failure and lose their confidence?
Kavya  In my experience, when you start clearing your exams, you naturally get motivated. Family support is also very important in staying positive and achieving success. For me, the support of my parents was very crucial in overcoming the early failures in CPT.

CS Professional Module 1 Rankers Tips –

  • The important topics that SuperProfs Professors had told in their online lectures, it accounted for almost 90% of the paper! So these classes are really helpful.
  • Read all the concepts and then attempt a lot of MCQs.
  • After studying from online classes utilized the institute’s books to cover the whole syllabus.

JuhiThat’s very true. There’s also the psychological effect where you start fearing an exam if you don’t clear it in a couple of attempts. Staying positive in such a time is important. You also tweaked your strategy and decided to focus on only studies while preparing for your exams. I’m sure that must have helped.
KavyaYes, and I’ll also add that I got to learn a lot from my practical experience of working with my parents. I was able to apply and relate that learning with the theory.

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Juhi – Thank you Kavya! Your parents must be proud of you for clearing your exam in the first attempt. Anything you would like to say about our professors and SuperProfs?
Kavya – I would really like to thank Prof Dev Sharma for his teaching style, strategies and making sure that you understand and remember each and everything related to Law. Thank you so much SuperProfs and the faculty.

We hope you learned some valuable inputs for your own preparation strategy from this interview. Kavya’s success story shows you how you can bounce back from failure by utilizing the right study material and managing your time in the best possible way. She opted for online classes and exploited the flexibility and features like unlimited video lecture views to the optimum level.

Not just that, she aided her preparation with MCQ books and employed a lot of other strategies to maximize her chances of success. Determination, perseverance, and smart strategies led Kavya to clear her target exams. If you’re an aspirant reading Kavya’s story, these are some qualities you must learn from her and imbibe in order to crack your target exam.

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