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“Success comes with patience, diligence, and hard work”. Having an additional degree is always beneficial for a working person. It helps to get better compensation and with it a higher post in their field. Here is the success story of Mr. Abhishek Gupta who is a married working professional. Learn these tips on how to clear CMA Final group 3 by our student who is now going to attempt for the 4th group exam. We hope this article and Abhishek’s success story will inspire you to adopt the tips given by him so that you too can qualify your exam even after being a working professional.

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This interview was taken by Ms. Juhi Gupta, CEO of SuperProfs.

Juhi – Congratulations on clearing the 3rd group of CMA!
Abhishek – Thanks a lot! And thanks to SuperProfs as you have been very helpful.


Juhi – Why did you choose to pursue CMA? Was it a job requirement or had you decided to pursue it anyway?
Abhishek – It was actually a requirement of my work. I started working and it wasn’t a requirement back then until I got promoted from lower management level to middle management level. That’s when I felt the need to pursue CMA. There was also a push from my family, particularly my wife, to pursue that so in 2014 I decided to start preparing and cleared Foundation and Inter levels in the next 2 years. But then, I changed my job so I couldn’t pursue CMA Final immediately. In 2017 I restarted my preparation but couldn’t qualify and the same happened in 2018. After facing 2 unsuccessful attempts, I searched for online classes and found SuperProfs and with these classes, I was able to clear my Group 3 exams in the 3rd attempt. Now I’m planning to take the Group 4 exams in the upcoming December attempt.


Juhi – We hope you’ll clear the 4th group in the very 1st attempt. How were you preparing and what were the resources that you used?
Abhishek – it was basically self-study because I had a practical exposure but theory and practical use are poles apart. In theory, the cases are much more difficult and in-depth. I had a thought in the back of my mind that I would be able to use my practical knowledge in my theories and do self-study but it did not work out especially for the core subjects like Taxation and Decision Making. That’s why I opted for online studies with SuperProfs and was able to clear the core subjects also in my very next attempt.


SuperProfs online teaching helps you clear your competition exam in the very first attempt with the help of expert professors.


Juhi – How did you manage your married life, work-life and studies?
Abhishek – It was all because of the support that I got from the people around me, both colleagues and family. They used to push me and motivate me to study. It is difficult to manage but with the help of supportive people around me I was able to study.

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Juhi – When and why did you decide that you are going to prepare from online coaching?
Abhishek – When I wasn’t able to crack the exam in the December attempt, that was the time I decided that I need to cover the core subjects properly because my practical knowledge and self-study were not sufficient to clear the exams. So, I started searching for online coaching and I found SuperProfs. Although there were 3-4 options, I preferred SuperProfs as it was providing me with features that others were not. Especially the unlimited number of views on video lectures policy which others weren’t providing was very useful. The support staff was very helpful and told me about the practical aspects of online coaching. This is how I chose SuperProfs.


Juhi – As you mentioned unlimited viewing policy, was it helpful for you?
Abhishek – Yes, it was very helpful, as it was very difficult for me to get time to study. I used to watch the lectures when I travelled to my office, and then in between the work time I used to take out 30 to 45 minutes to study. These unlimited viewing policy play a very important role when it comes to core subjects as one is not able to understand in the first viewing. Especially for working professionals who can not give 100% attention to the lectures every time, unlimited views is a must to get a grasp on the difficult topics.


Juhi – Did you also use the mobile app with the download feature?
Abhishek – Yes, I have been using the app lately and it is looking good! Until my June attempt, I used to study on the mobile browser but now I’ve installed the app and I just watched my first lecture on it yesterday.

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  Juhi – On the mobile app you have the facility to download a video lecture and watch it offline so it’ll be helpful for you as you study during your commute. Do give it a try!
Abhishek – Yes! I’m already using that feature and I’m finding it helpful.


Juhi – What was your preparation plan? You mentioned that you were comfortable with 2 subjects but the other 2 subjects were difficult. How did you dedicate your time to the subjects?
Abhishek – I used to study when I had to travel for work which is a 1-hour journey (one-way). This 1 hour while going to the office was completely dedicated to my studies every day. I could not study while returning home as I usually had some things to discuss with my colleagues in the office cab. Apart from the travel time, I used to study on weekends also. I also used to go through the previous year’s question papers to get the pattern of the questions, then I used to prepare for those topics that were new or the topics which were repeated in exams. My intention was to cover the topics that I was not very comfortable with. There were a lot of topics that were related to my day to day work, so I left them for revision. But it is necessary to cover all the subjects, especially the core subject. The papers are such that they test you on all the content that is prescribed in the course. So, you should focus on the core topics but also read the other ones so that if a question comes up in the exam, you’re able to at least attempt it.


SuperProfs provides you with the facility to watch the lectures unlimited times which helps you clear your doubts which were not cleared in the first viewing.


Juhi – That’s true. Also, reading the entire course will help you in your practical knowledge if not in your exams. So, apart from SuperProfs, did you use any other resources?
Abhishek – Yes, initially I took classes from one other source – StudyAtHome – but as per their policy, there were restrictions on the number of views so it was getting difficult to prepare. Hence, I switched to SuperProfs. The notes, revision test papers, and modules were enough for me to prepare. Rest I use to do self-study.


Juhi – Would you suggest anyone to go for online coaching instead of offline coaching?
Abhishek – Yes, definitely. Online classes are very beneficial because of certain reasons such as the option to view lectures whenever and wherever the students want to. The most favourable feature of online classes is the flexibility that it allows you. Everyone, whether a working professional or a student, has commitments other than just their studies. So, flexibility is very helpful because as soon as a person is able to take out time, they can just login and start studying no matter where they are. Also, these days we are more comfortable with soft copies rather than hard copies of notes, question papers, books, modules, etc. It also saves trees so everyone should adopt online studies! Yet another reason for suggesting online coaching is that we might not be able to interact daily with the professors but our doubt gets cleared through direct contact with the professors and you get personal doubt clearance attention from the professors.


Juhi – Anyone you would like to thank in particular for helping you achieve success?
Abhishek – For DT, I would like to thank Prof. Rajesh Kumar and for Strategic Cost Management – Decision Making, I thank Prof. Amit Mendiratta as they helped me a lot by solving my doubts in no time. Their teaching style was very convenient for me to understand.


 Juhi – Any tips you would like to give to our future aspirants?
Abhishek – Students must cover all the topics whether they’ve appeared in previous years or not as the question paper can surprise you. Also, mark all the important topics and focus more on those important topics that are repeatedly asked in the exams. By doing this, a student can at least try the questions of higher marks and score well in their exam. And I would also like to thank SuperProfs for helping me fulfill my dream.


Juhi – Thank you Abhishek, we wish you all the best for your future and the upcoming exams!

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