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How To Clear CS Executive 2022 – Tips By Semi-Qualified CS | SuperProfs

CS Executive is a difficult exam to clear without proper guidance. Since you’re reading this, odds are that you’re planning to take an attempt at the exam yourself. If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place as Arun Reddy’s CS Executive success story is definitely worth a read. In his interview, Arun explains how to clear CS executive, how he managed to clear his CS Executive exams after a couple of failed attempts. He could do this by studying from online classes, which allowed him great flexibility to study whenever and wherever he could find the time! We interviewed Arun to find out how he achieved his success and in this article from his interview, we will tell you exactly what Arun did that you can do too and clear your own target exams with ease.

This interview was taken by Ms. Juhi Gupta, CEO of SuperProfs.

Key highlights of this interview

1:08 – How Arun chose Company Secretary
2:30 – Issues with offline classes
3:20 – Benefits of online classes
4:30 – Study tips and plan
6:11 – Unlimited views and benefits of professors
7:05 – Preparation tips and study plan
8:58 – Daily Time Table
11:40 – Removing distractions and building focus
16:30 – Tips for preparation 

Juhi – Congratulations on clearing your CS executive complete module! How does it feel?
Arun Thank you, ma’am, it is a good feeling to clear the exam and enter the Professional level.

Juhi – You must have faced many issues and we want our other aspirants to learn from your struggle and clear their exam too. So, why don’t you tell us about your journey?
Arun Ma’am, I had completed my B.Com. with Computers in 2017, but then instead of doing masters, I chose to pursue CS because I felt that there was a huge demand for Company Secretaries and it would be a fruitful career option. Then in 2017, I started directly with CS Executive level because I was a graduate. I cleared both Module 1 and Module 2 in two attempts. I had opted for offline classes for my Module 2 exams, but I couldn’t clear it in the first attempt. Then, I joined SuperProfs and cleared my exam in the very next attempt.

SuperProfs provides you with the Unlimited viewing policy, with this you would be able to watch any lecture at any time without any second thought that I have a limited amount of views.

how to clear cs executive

Juhi – How to clear CS executive, How did you prepare for the first module and what were the issues you faced that made you choose online coaching?
Arun I prepared for Module 1 exams with offline coaching. One of the problems with offline classes is that as a student, you are not always in a mood to study but your classes are on a fixed time. Whether you feel like studying at that time or not, you have to attend the class. So, many times you can not focus on the class and you end up wasting your time. Moreover, you have to waste a lot of time commuting to and from your coaching center. For example, for an 11 AM class, I have to be ready at 8 AM to reach on time! On the other hand, with online classes, you can study whenever you know that you can focus, so you use your time efficiently. Moreover, with SuperProfs, you can also view the video lectures any number of times, again and again, to get better clarity. So, I decided to take up online classes with SuperProfs.

Juhi – Since you mentioned the unlimited video lecture views feature, did you find it helpful in your preparation?
ArunYes, definitely. I think it is actually a very good feature for all students because there are times when you can’t grasp a concept or subject in one go so you need to listen to the lecture again. It also helps with the revision.

Juhi – In module 2, was there any particular subject in which you faced difficulties?
ArunFor me, Accounts is the toughest subject. Whenever I try to solve a problem in Accounts, I end up spending a lot of time – 30 to 45 minutes – in doing so. This is because I had no proper guidance given to me but at SuperProfs, the professor told us in the lecture exactly how much time we should invest in a problem and how we can solve it in the given time. So, with this kind of guidance, Accounts became easy for me thanks to the quality faculty who guides very nicely.


Juhi – That’s great! How about doubt clearance? I’m sure you must have had some questions or doubts while preparing. Did you utilize the doubt clearance feature for that?
Arun Actually, here again, the online learning method helped me out as I had very few doubts because I could simply refer to the video lectures whenever I got stuck. But still, if there were any doubts, then the professor’s number and email id that was provided with the course was sufficient to get clarification via call or WhatsApp. There’s an option to chat with professors from within the SuperProfs classroom which is also very helpful.

Juhi – Any tips or strategies that you would like to give to other aspirants?
ArunYes I can offer a few tips from my experience.
1. Whenever you start your preparation, you must have some professional guidance.

  1. There should be a schedule for your studies and it should be followed thoroughly. This ensures that you keep covering the syllabus every day and finish your first round of studies well before your exams. Try to complete at least 2 or 3 revisions so that whatever you’ve studied becomes concrete.
  2. Try to complete at least 2 or 3 revisions so that whatever you’ve studied becomes concrete.
  3. You should not skip any topic because later on, it will get difficult to cover that chapter.
  4.  Most importantly, choose classes, not self-study because without any professional guidance, you’ll find it difficult to really master a topic. This is a common mistake that many students make that they believe they can achieve results just through self-study.


  1. Make notes that will help you at the end time to revise quickly.

    Juhi – So, what was your study plan?
    Arun I can share my study plan for Module 2.
  •  I used to wake up at 5:30 AM and start studying by 6 AM.
  •  In the morning session, I liked to study easier subjects. So, I used to study CMSL in the morning from 6 to 8 AM.
  •  Then, from 10 AM to 12:30 PM, I studied Accounts.  
  • Then, I used to take a break till 4 PM. 
  • From 4 PM to 6 PM, I used to study ILGL 
  • Then finally 9 PM to 10 PM, I used to study Auditing.

    So, I used to study around 6 to 7 hours daily. The best part is that with this schedule, I was able to finish my preparation in about one and a half months only. If you stick to your schedule sincerely, this much time is sufficient for your preparation. Following the same schedule for 2 months, one can even clear their Professional level exams.

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Juhi – How were you able to maintain such a strong schedule?
Arun I used to stay away from all social media platforms for 3 months. I changed from a smartphone to a basic phone so that I’m not distracted. For communication, I relied on good old calling only. In fact, updates only upto 3 months before your exam are applicable to you so you don’t need to check any news after 3 months before your exam.

SuperProfs provides you with details of the faculty so that if you have any doubts after the class you can ask the professor in the mail.

Juhi – How did you find time for your hobbies, leisure time and rest?

Arun I used to take my lunch and a nap when I took the break from 12:30 to 4 PM. After studying from 4 PM to 6 PM, I would go out to refresh myself by taking a walk and listening to some music. I would come back at around 7:30 and after having my dinner and talking to my friends, I would again start studying at 9 PM. Taking breaks and having meals on proper time is very important for your preparation as long as you’re disciplined and actually concentrate when you’re studying. Another important point is to create notes while you’re studying in the form of bullet points. This will help you revise quickly because before your exams, you will not have time to read all the subjects again.

Juhi – Anything else you would like to suggest on how to clear cs executive.
Arun The main thing I would like to suggest is that if you start a subject, you should stick to one professor and one book only for that subject. If you use 2 or 3 books you will get confused. Stick to one author to get better knowledge, doesn’t matter who the author is as long as you can understand their content.

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Juhi – So after joining SuperProfs did you use any other book or just the online notes?
Arun I only used the notes that were provided by SuperProfs, they are more than enough. I took a xerox of the notes to keep them handy. Especially Prof Sanjay Welkins’ way of teaching was very good. He taught us difficult level questions which won’t be asked directly in the exam but since we become comfortable with the difficult questions so solving the paper becomes easier.

Juhi – Thank you so much Arun, I hope that your strategies will come in great help to our aspirants, anything else you would like to say?
Arun Actually I would like to thank SuperProfs from the bottom of my heart because they helped me fulfill my dream.

Juhi – As you had said that you were pursuing LLB as well. How did you manage that?
ArunCS and LLB go parallel because there are a lot of common subjects so I was able to prepare for both by just studying for one course. I was also able to clear my LLB because of the notes that were provided to me by SuperProfs for CS because of the common subjects.

Juhi – Thank you so much Arun for your valuable feedback. I hope that you achieve more heights in your life with the level of dedication you have.


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