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SuperProfs Review – CA | CS | CMA Exam 2022

If you’re a student who has ever considered taking online coaching classes, you’d be familiar with the wide variety of options available out there. You can easily get confused among all the choices, and with every institute claiming to be the best, you can end up making a disastrous decision. This happens in offline classes as well where institutes are known to inflate their results and falsely claim any and all toppers as their own students. But at SuperProfs, we believe in transparency and honesty that benefits the student community. So, in this article we present to you SuperProfs reviews given directly by our students who have cleared their exams. These video interviews, coming straight from genuine students just like you, should help you decide which online classes you can trust to clear your exams and achieve your dream career!

superprofs review

Before we get to the interviews, let’s look at some of our most popular features that you’ll hear about in the videos. To make things clear for you, here’s a brief explanation of the features our students are talking about:

  1. 24×7 online video lectures – complete flexibility to study anytime, anywhere as per your routine. You’re not tied down by the geographical location and timings of any coaching centre.
  2. Unlimited online/offline viewing of lectures – have you ever thought how cool it would be if you could just record your professor’s lecture so that you can watch it again before your exams? Especially on days when you’re tired and can’t pay attention in the class, don’t you just wish that your professor could take this same class again when you’re in the mood to study? That’s exactly what you get with SuperProfs where you can watch our video lectures unlimited number of times. It is noteworthy here that every other online coaching places a limit of 2-3 views on each lecture which makes it similar to offline classes.
  3. Complete learning bundle – many students have told us how they used to waste time running from one coaching centre to another for different subjects or hunting for online classes for each separate subject. We revolutionised professional education in India by bringing together the best professors of each subject from metro cities all across India on a single platform and providing complete bundles of all subjects and study materials in one place. We want our students to spend more time studying and less time running around because only the former helps you clear your exams!
  4. Best in class professors – when we say that we’ve created a network of professors from all over India, we don’t just mean any professors. We place stringent quality checks that a professor must pass before coming on board with us to ensure that we deliver value to our students. This does not mean that we only associate with the most famous professors because we understand that there’s a difference between popular and proficient!
  5. Student-centric support – our students are always our first priority. Our support team is always eager to help you and resolve your issues in as little time as possible. If you face an issue, it is our commitment to conduct multiple follow-ups with all the parties involved (including you) until you’re satisfied with the resolution. We place the power in your hands by closing your ticket only after your permission.
  6. Personal doubt clearance – when you enrol with us, we put you directly in touch with your professor(s) through WhatsApp, text messages, voice calls, one-on-one chat and email. When you have a doubt that needs to be cleared by your professor, you can simply reach out to them through any of the above methods. Our professors will then analyse your question and provide answers. This means that your query gets specific and undivided attention of your professor that too without you having to ask your question in front of a class of hundreds of students! Notice the flexibility again – can you call or text your local coaching centre’s professor anytime to ask questions? Yeah, we didn’t think so.
  7. Mobile App with offline access – This might just be the best thing that’s ever happened to online education in India! Our mobile app allows you to download unlimited number of video lectures and watch them without internet unlimited number of times. We’re the first and only institute to allow unrestricted views on offline videos because we believe in empowering and liberating our students from shackles that hinder their learning. What this means is that we enable you to download all your classes in one go and watch them repeatedly without depending on a fast internet connection. You could be on the Moon and still prepare for your exam as long as you download the video lectures before leaving the Earth!

Alright, enough about us. Let’s now focus on the real heroes – our students – and see what they have to say. In the video interviews below, you’ll find some excellent tips from students who have actually been in your position only to go ahead and crush their exams. Make sure you internalise their tips and suggestions to follow in their footsteps and achieve the career that you’ve always dreamed of!

All interviews taken by Ms Juhi Gupta – CEO, SuperProfs

Abhishek Gupta CMA Final Group 3

Abhishek Gupta is a married working professional. He already had a demanding job and familial commitments when he decided to pursue CMA. While most people will think it’s an impossible task, his determination and hard work got him results. Aided by the classes and study material from SuperProfs, Abhishek went on a relentless and tireless pursuit of his dreams which resulted in him clearing his CMA Final Group 3 exams in his first attempt since enrolling with SuperProfs. His interview is full of wise ideas and tips from his own experience which will prove to be of great help to all CMA aspirants, particularly the working professionals.

Read the full article to know about SuperProfs Review and Tips on how to clear CMA Final group 3 by Abhishek Gupta.

Anukriti Herdenia Cleared CS Executive Module 1 after securing AIR 22 in CS Foundation

Anukriti Herdenia had qualified her CA Foundation exam with All India Rank 22. With an excellent result under her belt, she set her eyes on her next target – CS Executive Module 1 – and displayed great resolve in clearing it with a yet another fantastic result. Anukriti embodies hard work and discipline as she maintained a gruelling study schedule that started at 5 AM every day! It is no surprise then that she crushed a difficult subject like Tax with 67 marks! She has explained her study plan in her interview which you should not miss.

Read the full article to know about SuperProfs Review and Tips to clear CS Executive Module 1 by Anukriti Herdenia.

Arun Reddy Cleared CS Executive complete module

If you’re looking for inspiration on giving more than 100% towards your dreams, look no further than Arun Reddy’s journey to clearing CS Executive. Arun did what very few people would dare to do – he identified and got rid of all distractions that could prevent him from clearing his exams even if it meant giving up social media and his smartphone! His commitment and dedication towards an exhausting study plan that he describes in his interview is truly inspirational. And as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, Arun proved the efficiency of his methods by clearing not just CS Executive but also the LLB exams at the same time! Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Read the full article to know about SuperProfs Review and Tips to clear CS Executive – by Semi Qualified CS Arun Reddy.

Venkat Rao cleared CMA Final

Venkata Rao, a working professional, found himself short on time to study. Caught between a full-time job and a 2-hour long daily commute, he accomplished what many would say is unthinkable – clearing Modules 3 and 4 together with just 2 months of preparation! Remember, this is while he was working full time! Venkata managed to achieve this feat by being smart about his studies like utilizing his travel time and channeling his on-the-job learnings for his exams. If Venkata’s story doesn’t motivate you to buckle up and beat your exams, we don’t know what will.

Read the full article to know about SuperProfs Review and How to clear CMA Final – Tips by Qualified CMA Venkat Rao.

Kavya Mittal Cleared CS Professional Module 1

Kavya Mittal, also a full-time working professional, cleared her CS Professional Module 1 exams in the very first attempt. Her story combines hard work and cleverness in just the right amount that results in success! Not one to compromise with either her work or studies, Kavya has a habit of taking a sabbatical from work just 2 months prior to her exams. That is when she puts in unwavering commitment towards her goal by studying hard for her exams but also relies on her smartness to ensure 30-35 marks are definitely in her bag even before taking the exam! She elaborates on her smart strategies in her interview which is a must watch for anyone who is unable to clear their exams despite preparing seriously for them.

Read the full article to know about SuperProfs Review and How to clear CS Professional by Kavya Mittal.

Online coaching has been a helpful hand to many students, especially to those students who are not able to give a dedicated time slot to their studies. Online video lectures give the student a feel of one on one interaction with the professor. Students who fear to ask questions during class can WhatsApp, text, call, chat or mail the professor personally and get their queries resolved. Online coaching has many benefits such as –

  1. Students can view the lectures anywhere at any time as per their convenience.
  2. Students can ask questions to the professor as many times as they want.
  3. Professors don’t have to follow any time-bound to complete a chapter because of which students understand the subject in depth.

Choosing online coaching will help you clear your competition exam with full confidence and also will help you qualify the exam with high ranks.

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