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Tips To Clear CS Executive December 2022 (Module 1) | SuperProfs
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Tips To Clear CS Executive December 2022 (Module 1) | SuperProfs

Company Secretaryship is one of the most respected jobs in our country, but it also presents some of the most difficult exams to crack. An aspirant needs a lot of expert guidance, discipline and hard work to clear their CS exams in a timely fashion. Here is one such success story of Ms Anukriti Herdenia, who is a student of SuperProfs. Watch her video interview as she describes her strategies and best practices that helped her clear the first module of CS Executive. Anukriti had been a topper even before when she secured an all India rank 22 at the foundation level. We hope this article and Anukriti’s success story will inspire you to adopt the tips given by her so that you too can get your name in the all India rankers list!  

This interview was taken by Ms. Juhi Gupta, CEO of SuperProfs.

Juhi – Congratulations on clearing your CS Executive Module 1! I see that you also earned an all India rank (AIR) 22 on your Foundation level exams. I’m sure your parents must be proud! How do you feel?
Anukriti – Thank you so much! It’s a great feeling and yes, my parents are surely very proud of it.  

Juhi – So, do the celebrations still continue or have you started preparing for the next module? 
Anukriti – I’ve already started studying for Module 2 as I have my December attempt coming up. I had planned it this way. I wanted to clear Module 1 in June attempt and then prepare for Module 2 targeting the next attempt. I attempted Module 2 in June just to get a feel of the exams. 

Juhi – Was this your first attempt at Module 1?
Anukriti – Yes, this was my first attempt at clearing my CS Executive Module 1 which I was able to do!  

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Juhi – When did you decide that you want to take up CS as a career? And what was your motivation behind it?
Anukriti – I first got to know about CS when I was in 11th standard and also learned that it is a very respected and lucrative job. I had a word with my seniors and got to know more about CS and the course content. I found it very interesting for me and that is how I decided to pursue CS.  


Juhi – How did you prepare for CS Foundation?
Anukriti For the Foundation level, I relied on self-study as most of the subject matter for the exams was from the school’s 12th standard syllabus. Except for the Business Laws part in one subject, everything else like Accounts and Economics is very similar to what we learn in school. So, I just used the official study modules to prepare for my Foundation exams.  


Juhi – When you were preparing by yourself, did you ever feel lack of guidance?
Anukriti – Yes, I did feel like I was missing proper guidance when I was studying by myself. In fact, a few months before my exam, I thought to myself that I should have taken guidance from someone because I had a lot of doubts while studying. Luckily, I still managed to clear my exams with a good rank.  

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Juhi – How did you decide to choose online coaching for your CS Executive preparation?
Anukriti – There are a few reasons why I decided to go for online classes. Firstly, offline coaching is very expensive when compared to online classes. Secondly, despite being more costly, you can’t really trust them because they claim false results! There is a trend among coaching institutes where they inflate the number of successful students. For example, this one institute in my hometown claimed 138 out of 140 students had cleared their exam while in reality, just 3 students had actually passed. Moreover, they further deceive the students by associating their coaching institute’s name with any student who has ever taken their classes. Even if a student took their classes for say 11th standard in school, they will claim that student’s Inter-level success as their own! So, the genuine reviews that I got from my seniors regarding these offline classes were very negative. That’s why I decided to go for online classes. I took a trial of SuperProfs and in my trial period, I found that the content that was provided by SuperProfs was comprehensive and covered the entire syllabus. That’s how I ended up subscribing to SuperProfs.

SuperProfs helps you prepare with the help of professors who are the best in their concerned subject, they even provide you with practise question paper so that you are prepared for the exam.

Juhi – It’s commendable that you put in the time and effort that is needed to find out the truth about coaching institutes. We get a lot of students who quote these results and although we know that the figures are inflated, we can’t really say anything to them. But more and more students should learn from your story and try to find the truth before wasting their money. Anyway, did online coaching help you overcome the problems of high fees and fake results? How else did an online form of learning help you?
Anukriti –  Yes, online coaching certainly helped me with all of this. Additionally, studying with online video lectures is very convenient because I can study whenever I want. I can’t go to my coaching class at 12 in the night but I can certainly study using the online classes! You’re not bound by time or schedule of your institute and you don’t miss classes if traveling is a problem for you especially if the weather is unsuitable for traveling.  

Juhi – What was your study plan? What schedule did you follow for your preparation studies?
Anukriti  I had started my planning long ago. As a general tip, you must start planning your preparation for the Executive level as soon as you get your Foundation level results. The reason is that the syllabus at the Executive level is very vast so you need time to plan out your prep. You also have to decide whether you want to focus on both the modules or just one, so I decided that I will focus on the first module only because the course content was too much for me. Most of the subjects in module 1 are tough and lengthy like take Company Law for example which is a subject that people don’t usually pass easily. Talking about my study schedule, I used to get up at 5 AM and then by 6 AM I used to start studying. I studied in slots of 4 hours and I dedicated each slot to a particular subject. My style of studying is more about flexibility so I did not create a strict schedule that I must study a particular subject at a particular time. Whichever subject I felt like studying, I would take that one up. However, I maintained my schedule in the sense that I dedicated at least 3 to 4 hours each to Company Law and Tax subjects. For the remaining two subjects – Setting up of Business Entities and Jurisprudence – I studied them on alternate days. I made sure that I studied at least 3 subjects every day for a total of 8 hours. When my exams were just 2 months away, I started putting in 12 to 14 hours each day!


Juhi – That is a lot of hard work that you put in! Because of the new syllabus was it more difficult to prepare? Anukriti – Yes, it was difficult because there were no old question papers to get an idea about the format and types of questions because of which there was some ambiguity about the exam.  

Juhi – To summarize your study plan in simple words, you made sure that you studied the most difficult and lengthy subjects each day and then made time for the other two subjects on alternate days. What resources did you use to prepare?
Anukriti – Yes, that was my study plan in a nutshell. As for the study material, I just used the video lectures and notes provided by SuperProfs. For revision, I referred to the institute modules. I didn’t use any other refresher. The notes provided by SuperProfs were, in fact, sufficient as there were around 50 questions for each subject and also practical questions for subjects like Tax. You don’t really need any more practice questions than that. In fact, thanks to the SuperProfs practice questions and notes, I was able to score 67 marks in Tax which none of my friends could!  

Juhi – That’s great! You hard work paid off! So, when you were studying via online video lectures, did you have any doubts and how did you get them cleared?
Anukriti  All the professors were very helpful. Especially Prof Rajesh Kumar used to give his contact number in all his videos encouraging students to contact him with doubts. I was a little hesitant in the beginning but then one day I messaged Prof. Rajesh Kumar and he replied within 2 hours and solved my doubt. Then I started sending him my solved questions and he used to then point out my mistakes and correct them. He replied within 1 or 2 hours every time.  

Juhi – How did you practice apart from the questions given by the professor?
Anukriti  The practice questions, practice tests and full-length mock tests given by SuperProfs were sufficient for me to practice.

Juhi – Any other tips or suggestions you would like to give to our students?
Anukrti – The tips that I would like to give to all the students are:-

  1. Create a preparation plan as soon as possible. If you’ve written the Foundation exams then start planning as soon as you get your results.
  2. Don’t get distracted by multiple books. Study from only 1 source and use only the institute modules as a refresher.
  3. Consistency is very important. You have to study every day and make sure you give a set amount of time to studies everyday.
  4. Revision is the key to success. If you don’t revise what you’ve studied, you’ll end up forgetting some of the syllabus. At least one revision is a must.
SuperProfs allows you to get your doubts personally cleared by professors by providing details of the Prof. so that you can clear your doubts.

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Juhi – Very helpful tips, thank you. I hope the students watching this will benefit from them. So, how did you use these strategies to study?
Anukriti – My strategy was to study and revise in groups of 5 chapters. I used to study 5 chapters and then revise them together and then move on to the next set of 5 chapters. This meant that I only had to do one full-length revision and the second revision was just the key points.

 Juhi – Can you give any subject matter tips for our students? For example, you mentioned Company Law which has a lot of theory. How did you prepare for that?
AnukritiI used to prepare a chart and then use that as a device to help me learn and remember the laws. Moreover, you should never try to cram the content but instead try to understand the concepts. ICSI modules are a must to master your concepts as even in the exams, you’ll find questions similar to the modules. You don’t even have to write exactly the same words, you can write your answers in your own language.  

Juhi – Anything else you would like to say to the future aspirants?
Anukriti – Just believe in yourself and work hard. Most importantly, don’t get influenced by which books or study material your friends are using. Simply keep your focus on the ICSI modules and you’ll be able to clear your exam.

Juhi – Thank you very much Anukriti and all the best for your future.  

We hope that this article on how to clear CS executive module 1 will be helpful for you.

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