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Best Teachers of India:Times have changed but Teacher’s Haven’t

Teachers occupy a place of paramount importance in education system. They are the pivot around whom the whole system of education revolved. Teachers are the guiding lamps that shatter darkness. With the rapid changing education system of 21st century India, the roles and definition of teachers have also changed. They are not only the ones imparting knowledge but also the real architecture of new generation. A Teacher is a friend, philosopher, guide, parent and facilitator. He is both a continuous learner and an excellent listener. He is the one who molds and develops a child in every way.

Below are few unique teachers from different walks of life to set examples for us all.

Roshini Mukherjee :

She gave up her full time job in an IT company to pursue her passion for teaching. She started an online education platform “” to provide free quality education in form of videos to students’ across India. She has more than 4000 video lessons on physics, math, chemistry and biology. The feedback from students motivates her to continue her work with more enthusiasm.


Vimla Kaul :

She is a retired English teacher who teaches children in Delhi slum areas since the past 20 years. For Vimla age is just a number. Since there was not proper building to teach, even at the age of 80+, she used to move from park to park to conduct classes. She finally has a building where she teaches students now. According to her, these children are equally talented and if they are given proper guidance they can do wonders as well.


Kamlesh Zapadia :

Kamlesh who is a primary school teacher in remote village of Rajkot has found an innovative way of teaching. He along with his friend has developed a site “” where they have uploaded the entire syllabus from class 1 to 10 in quiz format, much like the famous TV show “KBC”, so that the students do not have to cram textbooks for exams and thus making learning interesting. This effort of Kamlesh has also been recognized by IIM-A.

Arvind Gupta :

Arvind is an IIT graduate who has found ways of making learning fun. He is famous for creating toys from trash and explaining different concepts of science in the process of making these toys. Many of his teaching techniques are found on You Tube channel. He has also won severalawards for his lifelong effort.