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How to Prepare for SSC CGL 2017 while in a full time job?

Staff selection commission (SSC) has released the notification for SSC CGL 2017 exam which will be held for different positions in grade B, C & D posts in government if India authorities, ministries & offices.The tier 1 exams of SSC CGL 2017 are scheduled to be held between 1st August to 20th of August this year. Last year we had received a lot many queries about SSC CGL preparation strategies for a working professional. Whether you are a fresher/full time preparation aspirant or a working professional, you desire the same result, i.e. clearing SSC CGL 2017 and getting your desired post. Adding on to that the working professionals will have to go through the same qualifying procedure as freshers do. Because working professionals get less time to study, things may get tough for them when competing with students who are preparing full time for SSC CGL 2017. Let’s find out what strategy should we opt for to get the desired results as a working professional. And we will also discuss about how to optimize our time for SSC CGL 2017 preparation.

Why it is dificult to prepare for SSC CGL 2017 while working?

Here are few obvious reasons…

  1. Less Time:

Working professionals spend about 10 hours a day in office. Adding on to that 2 hours are also wasted travelling. After doing the detailed calculations, all we are left with is 3-4 hours of study time on week days and 8-10 hours of study time on weekends. A student who is doing full time preparation gets about 8-10 hours every day which is twice the time a working professional gets.

2. Exhaustion after work:

We all get tired after a day long hard work. When we reach our home there is hardly any energy left to focus on study. The problem escalates when we have additional responsibilities like cooking, cleaning house, laundry, etc. etc.

3. Coaching Facility: