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How to Prepare Agriculture for UPSC Exam? – Important Topics

Agriculture for UPSC Exam : Here we are providing important topics in Agriculture for UPSC Exam. You will find Tips on how to crack Agriculture in upsc ias exam. It is adviced to take Agriculture as optional subjects if you are from Biology background because course is almost similar and all concepts we have you have already studied. Below you will find all important topics in Agriculture for UPSC Exam so that you can prepare wisely. Find out strategy to prepare Agriculture for IAS Exams. Here are few essential topics in Agriculture that are helpful to score the maximum marks is the less time. You should also prepare other remaining topics once you are done with these important topics to geet good score in Agriculture.

Important Topics in Agriculture for UPSC Exam

Paper I

Generally Paper I aims on the farm practices and fundamental foundation of agriculture. The topics should be prepared in desirable length. Expression should be simple, application oriented and should involve flowcharts as and when it is needed. The Farm practices must correspond to the Indian situation. Students must ensure that they should focus on sustainability and economic dimensions of any method. Some examples must correspond to recently debated issues in various different areas. Agricultural marketing, pricing etc must have new and updated information avail from the Indian Government and reports like economic survey and ministry of agriculture’s annual report.

Paper II

Those Students who have opted for agriculture with botany need not to prepare cell biology, genetics, biotechnology, plant breed, plant biochemistry and physiology separately. These topics are already being included in botany. There should be more focus on the agricultural application as well. Ideal books would be Plant Breeding by B. D. Singh and Plant Physiology by Jain. Horticulture, Plant Pathology as well as Food Production need to be covered separately. Students must focus on the India-specific examples and commercial side, while writing about agriculture and any plant disease. For example, mention the loss in many terms due to a specific crop disease. Overlapped with the GS will be in fields like ecology and environment, food security, crop productivity, agricultural economics and sustainable agriculture.