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Anthropology Optional Strategy for UPSC Mains 2018

Anthropology Optional studies men in totality, anthropology studies evolution and diversity among humans from social, cultural and biological point of view. While preparing for UPSC 2018 keep these things few points in mind they will help you a lot. 

Anthropology Optional Strategy

  • Try selective reading from different books, some books are good for a particular topic and some for another and it also looks better when the examiner is looking at your answer sheet.
  • Making hand written notes, when you have to revise a lot in a very limited time you should make your own notes. Short notes for every word in the syllabus, UPSC is like that only you never know what they will end up asking.
  • Opt for the subject when you have the sufficient interest UPSC requires it, Anthropology requires in depth knowledge of the topic or else it will be very difficult. Make sure whatever topic you cover you have in-depth knowledge about it.
  • Solve all the last year paper in as proper way as you can, initially it will take time but will prepare you for writing the exam.
  • Try to look at the overall viewpoint of the topic think of society as a whole large institution, give definitions by anthropologists and cover different examples for the same.
  • Case studies should be properly quoted. Try your best to quote the person/institution that has done the case study. It will make your answer more relevant and shows that you are aware about what is happening.
  • Try to start as early as possible after UPSC prelims examination, because delaying will only make it difficult. It will take around 5 months if you study seriously.
  •  Practice diagram if you do not know learn to make diagrams because it will fetch you extra marks.
  • You will see a lot of case studies while studying anthropology, note them down and use it to explain the concept.
  • Learn to study the whole part because in UPSC you cannot be sure what they will ask.
  • Practice answer writing, it is of utmost importance believe me it will take time and it deserve your time as well. At times everybody knows the answer but only a few knows how to frame it.

Books to Refer

P.Nath for physical anthropology.

Indian anthropology by R.N. Sharma.

Indian anthropology by Nadeem Hasnan.

Makhan jha’s book of anthropology theories.