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How to Prepare for Civil Services Exam during your college?

Civil Services Preparation in College: First and foremost a college student needs to understand what the UPSC exam is all about. One needs to go through its eligibility criteria, syllabus and pattern to understand what it is all about. It is a good idea to start your UPSC preparation as you prepare for the school or college semesters and unit tests.

Newspapers and magazines are important for UPSC exam preparation

To take up UPSC preparation one should possess high integrity, good knowledge of current issues and sound judgement. It does not require any rote learners. To avoid rote learners, the concept of optional paper in prelims has been completely eliminated. For UPSC preparation, the aspirants should read newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express or The Times of India. This will actually help you in developing an interest in current issues that happen around you. You can also supplement your habit of reading by picking up a good current affairs magazine.

Developing your general knowledge is very important and gives a lot of confidence regarding your preparation level. India Yearbook will be worthwhile for UPSC preparation since it’s very simple to understand and the facts and statistics are true.This book is trusted by UPSC paper setters as innumerable questions from this book are asked in the Prelims.

Self study and internet usage for UPSC preparation

Most of the students studying in colleges are those who do UPSC preparation themselves. One has to remember that they should keep their basics very clear in order to crack the UPSC examination. This is because if your basics are crystal clear then there is no need to panic. A good way to prepare on your own is to take online coaching from trusted websites like, for instance. The video tutorials help the students to understand the concepts better and enhance their grasp over the subject matter.

The students should not restrict themselves to only reading books, instead watching documentaries like BBC’s ‘Days that shook the World’, will develop your knowledge for UPSC preparation. Make use of the internet to update yourself and remember that you should never try to learn all the things at the same time, instead read it with concentration and retain as much as possible. Read NCERT books of class six to tenth since those are the basic textbooks which will provide you the essence of the subject that gives you the passion towards the subject.

Prepare well for the optional paper and then look online for the advised reading list for that optional. Invest 6-8 hours on weekdays and around 14-16 hours on weekends and holidays for UPSC preparation. And another important thing is 6 -8 hours of sleep. Your body and mind require rest.

Time management for UPSC preparation

Each one has to prepare a timetable for separate subjects and start making notes of each and every concept. The notes should include all the principles, significance and applications of every topic. An important point is that you cannot forget your college study, so plan your schedule in a way that you can concentrate on both the college subjects and UPSC subjects. At times your course subject will also help you to enhance your knowledge base. Utilize the free periods to go to the library and study for your UPSC exam, rather than hanging out with friends. During UPSC preparation, be determined towards your ultimate goal of life and attain success. Time management is of utmost importance for UPSC preparation and one should maintain consistency and commitment while preparing for UPSC exam.