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UPSC Civil Services Sindhi (Arabic) Question Papers – سنڌي

Download UPSC Civil Services Sindhi (Arabic) Question Papers. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts Civil Services Examination every year in two parts, i.e. Preliminary Test and Main Examination; the Main Examination comprises a Written Test and a Personality Test. Earlier We’ve Provided UPSC IAS Mains Essay Question Papers and IAS Mains Optional Subject Question PapersUPSC Sindhi (Arabic) question papers are listed below for candidate’s reference. This question bank comprises question papers of 4 years, which enable aspirants to get familiar with the question paper pattern and the syllabus to focus on while preparing for the exam. The question papers you find are Union Public Service Commission papers. Go through the papers carefully for further reference and preparation.

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About Sindhi (Arabic) Language

Sindhi /ˈsɪndi/ (سنڌي, सिन्धी, Sindhi) is an Indo-Aryan language of the historical Sindh region, spoken by the Sindhi people. It is the official language of the Pakistani province of Sindh. In India, Sindhi is one of the scheduled languages officially recognized by the federal government. It has influences from Balochi and Kachchi spoken in the adjacent province of Balochistan and Kachchh respectively.

Most Sindhi speakers are concentrated in Pakistan in the Sindh province, and in India in the Kutch region of the state of Gujarat and in Ulhasnagar region of the state of Maharashtra. The remaining speakers in India are composed of the Hindu Sindhis who migrated from Sindh, which became a part of Pakistan and settled in India after the independence of Pakistan in 1947 and the Sindhi diaspora worldwide. Sindhi language is spoken in Sindh, Balochistan, Punjab, Pakistan and Kutch, Rajasthan, Gujarat, India as well as immigrant communities in India, Hong Kong, Oman, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, UAE, UK, United States, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka.

About UPSC Sindhi (Arabic) Language Paper

In UPSC mains exam there are 2 optional papers in UPSC civil services mains exam. In upsc mains examination paper 6&7 are optional subject papers. Sindhi (Arabic) is one of the optional in the IAS main exam. You can opt for the Sindhi (Arabic) language as an optional subject, if you have graduated in the literature of Sindhi (Arabic) language as the main subject. With well-planned strategies, you can easily score well in the Sindhi (Arabic) literature. Interest should be the prime criteria for choosing any optional. Each UPSC mains Sindhi (Arabic) paper consists of 250 marks. Duration for each Sindhi (Arabic) language mains paper is 3 hours. Here is a detailed syllabus of UPSC Sindhi (Arabic) mains exam.

Download UPSC Civil Services Sindhi (Arabic) Question Papers

Mains Question Papers

Listed above are the UPSC Sindhi (Arabic) mains question papers ordered yearwise for your understanding of the pattern of the IAS Sindhi (Arabic) question paper. So that you can get the trend for the questions that are set every year and as per analysis prepare well giving more time to recurring topics and important parts of the syllabus that carry more marks overall.