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How can the Essay paper make a difference in CSE Mains Examination?

Essay writing often gives the personal views of the candidate regarding the specific topic in question. To write an Essay paper in Civil Services Exam, candidates need to know the topic well, explain their observations and recollect related incidents that reflect their knowledge and understanding about the subject discussed.

Essay paper in Civil Services Exam plays a very crucial role. It is a separate paper which is part of the CSE examination. Candidates are required to write an essay on the selected topic where they can make a choice from the given list of subjects. The candidate should stick to the topic and is expected to elaborate the topic by giving facts, examples and views. Essay should be written in a particular style by following the sequence of ideas. For the Civil Services Mains examination, essay is one of the important papers in which most of CSE rank holders score more than 55 to 60% marks.

The difference that the Essay paper in Civil Services Exam makes is that it helps most of top ranked candidates to secure a higher position in the merit list. For writing an essay the candidates have to practice, learn the skill of essay writing and present it in an effective and fluent manner. The marks earned by the candidates in the essay paper have great influence on the Civil Services Mains Exam result.

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Points to remember for Essay paper in Civil Services Exam

When you appear for the Essay paper in Civil Services Exam you should follow certain rules which are discussed below, for getting a good score. You choose the topic from the given list of subjects and list the facts in sequence, one after another, according to a certain criteria or priority. To make the essay interesting, you can make use of the following points:

  • Famous quotes
  • Historic events
  • People involved
  • Current events
  • Related government or administrative policies

Also discuss about positive and negative sides of the facts, the related effects and obstacles faced regarding the topic which you want to write in your essay. Once you have enough information at your finger-tips then start writing the essay.

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Effective method for writing Essay paper in Civil Services Exam


The Essay paper in Civil Services Exam should follow certain steps which are very essential to make the essay look perfect. Unless you follow certain sequence the essay will look incomplete. Follow the given sequence below which divides the entire essay into separate parts. It makes writing of the Essay paper in Civil Services Exam more crisp and appealing.

  1. Introduction: Start the topic using background / historical events
  2. Explain the main concept & discuss about the topic of Essay
  3. Relate the earlier facts with present scenario
  4. Talk about positive effects
  5. Discuss negative aspects
  6. Give details of obstacles (if any)
  7. Suggest reforms / changes
  8. Conclude the topic

The candidate should choose an interesting topic for essay writing in the Civil Services Mains Exam and write it in a well-organized style by avoiding controversial topics and personal attacks to succeed in the Essay paper in Civil Services Exam.