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Important Tips to Clear an IAS Interview or UPSC Interview

The IAS Interview is the last stage of selection process for UPSC exam and is taken to test the personality of the candidate. A student clears both the prelims and mains exams, after studying such a huge UPSC Syllabus, before qualifying for an IAS interview. Here, in this article, we will tell you some important details around UPSC IAS interview. If you have questions in your mind like, how to prepare for an IAS interview; what type of questions are asked in an IAS interview; this article will give answers to all such questions of your’s.

First of all, the final rank list is prepared by taking the sum of UPSC mains marks and IAS interview marks. Even if score in the Written Examination is near the cut-off, very often we see that IAS interview high-scorers lead the final selection list too. Questions are asked randomly from any field, whether it is academic or non-academic.

The most important tips to crack IAS interview, are

  1. working on clarity of expression,
  2. grasp of narrative and argument,
  3. reasoning ability,
  4. appreciation of different points of view,
  5. awareness and concern for socio-economic problems,
  6. range and depth of interests
  7. personal attributes relevant to interaction with people.

IAS Interview Preparation

It is very important to prepare for the IAS interview from day 1 and not wait until the results of the exam. Tips for IAS interview preparation includes:

  • Polishing your personality thoroughly, improving command over the language, listening to debates and current affairs.
  • UPSC interview panel may ask questions from your optional subject and thus a tip for UPSC interview would be to brush up recent happenings related to the subject and going through your graduation books.
  • Another key tip for UPSC interview is reading newspapers religiously to become more aware of the important things happening around the world. Read the editorial section carefully and try to make an opinion of your own about a subject.
  • Questions may also be asked about your personal background, thus it is better to collect details about your birth place, knowing the problems in your village or city along with possible solutions for the same.

There are a lot of questions in an IAS interview or a UPSC interview to check a candidate’s mental alertness as it is a prerequisite for the civil services and thus sometimes panel members ask questions which can be answered just by using common sense.

Personality Development

The most important tip an IAS interview would be to try to know the different aspects of your personality. If any of your personality traits does not suit an IAS officer, try to overcome that weakness. First impression matters a lot in the UPSC interview and thus don’t be too casual on serious questions. A positive attitude, an alert mind, quick reflexes, good decision making, the ability to work under stress and to handle any difficult situation are the main tips for the UPSC interview. Reinforce your spoken words through your body language. Avoid gestures which do not suit the occasion. Don’t try to present before UPSC board a fake personality.

Facing the IAS Interview questions:

Most of the questions in an IAS interview will be based on the biodata of the candidate. Never create fake facts in your bio-data as it will eventually be evident. Prepare well for possible questions based on personal and professional experience and ensure presenting balanced and impartial views, without any political or social biases.


Another crucial tip for an IAS interview is to master the art of giving crisp and concise answers. Hobbies help the interviewer to understand the personalities of candidates. Keep practicing your hobbies till the last week before the UPSC interview. Most importantly, if you do not know anything about a topic you are asked in the UPSC interview, don’t panic and admit your ignorance on the same.

We’ve seen that, most UPSC IAS aspirants fail to give the required attention to their IAS interview preparation; we hope that with such tips for facing the IAS interview, you would be able to tackle your interview with success.

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