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How to keep yourself motivated during the UPSC preparation

We, as human beings find it difficult to accomplish anything, without a motivation, and to be able to crack IAS exam definitely needs immense motivation from within. So, where does this motivation comes from? It comes from the vision you have in mind, of what you will be able to experience, once you achieve your goal. It  may be, having a dignified profession, having recognition amongst family member and friends, earning a decent money etc.,

In case of UPSC exams or IAS exams, Working in the civil services is, broadly a rewarding, valuable career choice. Getting into it however, is a whole different ball game. No matter what way one takes the great plunge, everyone has to go through the rigours of the coveted Civil Services Examination. The UPSC preparation requires a massive amount of hard work, physically and emotionally.


Tips for UPSC exam to keep yourself Motivated!

UPSC is perceived to be a tough nut to crack, with such huge syllabus. To succeed in UPSC exam you need to grind consistently, each day, for a year. Your own actions will prolong the life or death of your motivation, not any extraneous factors.

  1. Daily think of the outcome you will get once you clear UPSC or IAS exam
  2. Read how others conquered their challenged and succeeded in their UPSC exam
  3. Whatever you study, learn with interest. Try to gain knowledge from all kinds of sources. The syllabus of UPSC is no doubt huge, but is also interesting
  4. Last but not the least, we all think about making a difference in our society, not many of us have the will or power to do it. An IAS has that power!

UPSC Preparation

The key to UPSC preparation is to remove all pressures and become independent. Prepare for the UPSC exam by keeping your focus on the present day. Every day, find a purpose and fulfill it.  As your focus is on today, you will not be demotivated as you will love what you do with a purpose. This is the biggest motivation tip for the UPSC exam as it speeds up UPSC preparation.

When you start thinking more and more about tomorrow and about succeeding, the reverse thing happens – you start losing confidence and the goal starts appearing distant. Your fear makes it appear big and insurmountable.

Points to Remember | How to put actions to your goals

  • Set your final goal for the UPSC exam and visualize it to its most minute detail. This is a great motivation tip for UPSC exam and to connect with your goal.
  • For the UPSC preparation, start with simple short-term goals and then progress to longer range goals. Divide your whole UPSC exam syllabus into small sections and then take one at a time. This is a key motivation tip for UPSC exam and will reduce your burden. Remember to make your goals realistic and achievable. It’s easy to get frustrated and give up if your goals are too ambitious.
  • Discuss about your aim of clearing UPSC Exams with your friends and family as a form of pledging. This will definitely help you to stick to your ambitions and will in turn keep you motivated.
  • Personal motives drive us to succeed and it is no secret. Assess the situation and weigh all that you gain if you clear the UPSC exam. The thought of all the perks might want you to stick to your goal and ease the UPSC preparation process.

Remember also that everyone falls short sometimes. If you fail to meet your UPSC exam goals for the week, don’t get too emotional. Let yourself take it as a lesson. Don’t dwell on failure, just accept it as a human occurrence, and continue working towards your goals.


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