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Medical Science Optional Strategy | UPSC Mains 2018

Medical science optional is one of the few optional subjects which are consistently fetching good score since the year it was introduced in UPSC. So if you are a doctor or have done studies in allied branches, just go for it. The syllabus of Medical science optional is immense compared to other subjects, but with the right approach it is possible to clear the exam in the first attempt.

To Prepare UPSC Civil Services, Medical Science optional Paper, you need to follow below given steps:-

  1. Know UPSC Medical Science syllabus

To get Medical Science optional paper syllabus, paper structure & applicable Topics covered in UPSC Mains Medical Science only by clicking on this link:-UPSC Mains Exam Pattern & Structure.

  1. Select best reference book
  1. Human Anatomy—B D Chaurasia.
  2. Embryology from I B Singh.
  3. Human Physiology– Ganong; Guyton and A.K. Jain book.
  4. Biochemistry–  by U. Satyanarayana book.
  5. Pathology–   Robbins, and Cotran.
  6. Medicine: Prep Manual for Undergraduates- George Mathews.
  7. Emergency medicine- S N Chugh.
  8. Manipal Manual of Surgery-  K. Rajgopal Shenoy.
  9. Clinical surgery- S Das.
  10. Textbook Of Obstetrics-D.C. Dutt.
  11. Heinmann Medical Dictionary – Janife.
  12. Heinmann Dental Dictionary – Lennox.
  13. Microbiology – Anand Narayan or Chatterjee.
  14. Principal and Practice of Medicines – Davidson.
  15. Social and Preventive Medicine (SPM) – Park & Park.
  16. Surgery – Love and Bailey.
  17. Essentials of Bio-chemistry – M C Pant.
  1. Preparing a study Plan
  1. As course is literally infinite not meant to be completed even in a lifetime so time management is must.
  2. It is advisable to read topics from relevant textbooks and not to spend too much time on one area.
  3. Make a diagram according to the needs of question and use colour pencils for labelling different topics  because it will put gravity in your answer and make them stand out
  4. Be careful in selecting question if choice is provided and aspirant should attempt those in they have some knowledge.
  5. The syllabus should be broken into several small portions as it will help to complete each portion within the time limit.
  6. It is very important to solve the previous year UPSC main question paper as it will help the aspirants to understand the patterns and trends of relevant topics.
  7. Never and I mean never study from those huge MCQ books which is solely for PG graduates. They are a distraction completely avoids them.

How much time it take to prepare?

Read and finish the syllabus given in the UPSC prospectus within the time frame of 4-5 months as it wills enough to cover around 90% of question asked in UPSC mains. At least never lose your focus as medicine is a vast ocean where you have to master just a few drops to be a civil servant.