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Important Preparation Tips by UPSC Toppers

Preparation Tips by UPSC Toppers : The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exams, also called the Indian Administrative Services (IAS) exams are one of the most elite examinations in the country today. With many lakhs of aspirants writing them, less than 5% manage to clear the exams and the following interview to grab prestigious government positions of power and responsibility. Thus, it goes without saying that focussed preparation is a mandatory to get through. A reliable means of input on how this can be done is through UPSC toppers’ tips. These are candidates who have successfully cleared the examinations, got excellent ranks and are now successfully working for the country.

Below are some key Preparation tips by UPSC toppers on how to crack the IAS:

  • Being updated with current affairs: The first tip that any UPSC topper will give you is to stay abreast with the happenings not only in your area of study, but all spheres of functioning, in general. UPSC toppers’ tips include reading at least 3 newspapers and 2 current affair magazines to cover the length and breadth of all major incidents of the world. Watching world news and observing happenings in the upper and lower house on TV also helps to stay updated. One can use the online and social media to ensure latest news is gathered immediately.
  • Time management: Another irreplaceable ingredient in the recipe for success in the UPSC exam, that is mentioned by UPSC toppers is, effective time management. Making a structured time table and most importantly, sticking to it, goes a long way in instilling discipline and method in preparation and helps in the long run. While the internet and social media can help candidates stay updated, they can also become distractions and UPSC toppers insist on the need to ensure the candidate is not carried away into wasting time on them.

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  • Understanding the syllabus: UPSC toppers often quote that when a candidate starts off without analysing the syllabus, he/she ends up in a mess eventually. Knowing one’s strong areas and deciding based on self-evaluation, what to study and what not to, is the first step to succeed in the IAS examinations. Clarity of concept is crucial to succeed in these examinations since most questions would be open ended and ask for the candidate’s opinions and hence this sifting is important and time saving. A UPSC topper’ tip would be to refer to NCERT textbooks once to revise the basic concepts before going to the examination level advanced ones.
  • Take as many mock exams as possible: Mock tests are the closest a candidate can get to the real experience and hence the UPSC toppers quote that more the tests a candidate takes, the more they can evaluate their strength and weakness area and work on them in time.
  • Passion for the Civil services: Since the examination’s final interview will consider the candidate’ personality as well, UPSC toppers suggest that one should also work on developing personality and confidence when preparing for the UPSC exam. Passion and self-confidence will also help the candidate stay disciplined and focussed during the preparation and hence increase chances of getting through.

We hope that the above preparation tips by UPSC toppers will give you some clarity on how to approach the UPSC exam preparation and ensure that you put your efforts in the right direction.