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How to Prepare English for UPSC Mains Exam?

The UPSC Mains exam is certainly not a cake walk. Candidates who are serious about the UPSC Mains exam have to work on planned strategies, study materials and necessary guidance. English for UPSC Mains is a compulsory subject and candidates need to make sure that they get the qualifying marks i.e. 33%.

While answering the questions, candidates have to be accurate, precise and witty. It helps in getting higher score in the UPSC Mains exam. It requires the candidates to remember the right words and to write the answers in simple but meaningful sentences. Writing answers in fluent English language is one of the main obstacles that most of the candidates face while answering the paper of English for UPSC Mains.

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Steps to improve writing skills of English for UPSC Mains

To improve English skills, candidates have to work hard and practice writing skills consistently. It will help to overcome the fear of English language too.

Following are a set of suggestions for better results in UPSC Mains exam.

  • Develop a habit of reading

Having a habit of reading books in English improves understanding of the language since reading books, magazines, newspapers and online articles are useful for being able to grasp the English language better.

  • Building the vocabulary

Reading helps in building vocabulary which is very supportive while writing in English. Keep learning new words and find more about the new word and its various meanings and usages.

  • Keep writing more

You can write your own simple sentences properly by following rules of grammar and meaningful words. Take online English learning tests which help in learning faster. UPSC Mains Exam does not require flowery or stylish language.  The sentences should be grammatically correct, short and simple.

  • Get feedback & practice

Get the help of friends or trainers who can help you in improving your grammatical and analytical skills. Mock tests and practice tests and make the language skills stronger. Improve writing skills by updating English knowledge and ample writing practice.

According to the UPSC Mains exam, English language paper consists following sections:

  1. Essay writing
  2. Reading comprehension
  3. Precise writing
  4. Translation
  5. Grammar

Every section in the paper of English for UPSC Mains is important but the two main sections which can surely help the candidate to score more marks in English for UPSC Mains exam are essay writing and reading comprehension.

Below are more details about these two sections which offer more marks.

  • Essay writing for UPSC Mains exam:

Refer to the previous years’ question papers of English for UPSC Mains and find few topics of essay and start writing essays.  Keep the language simple without either grammatical or spelling mistake. The writing practice helps you to get better and legible handwriting. Make sure that the content is meaningful and interesting.  Also make use of underlines and quotations if necessary, to make the content presentable.

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  • Reading comprehensions in English for UPSC Mains:

Always start with comprehension. Here you do not have to write a lot. First read the passage carefully and understand it. Then read the questions which help you to find the appropriate answers quickly.

Keep learning and keep practicing which will help you to score higher in the English paper of UPSC Mains exam.