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How to spend the day before the Civil Service Exam | UPSC 2018

Consistently, lakhs of civil service aspirants study hard for a considerable length of time, planning to make it to the desired posts of the Indian Administrative Services (IAS). With UPSC 2018 Prelims over, every aspirant would feel the heat a bit.  It is normal to feel somewhat apprehensive and on edge about the impending exam.

Apart from the actual preparation, it is likewise critical to deal with yourselves, both physically and mentally throughout the IAS preparation or UPSC Preparation. For the most part, most of the competitors feel squeamish a couple of days before the exam. And this feeling intensifies a day before the final showdown.

Here are a few hints to keep you calm on the most recent day before the exam and enable you to put forth a strong effort.

On the day preceding the exam set up your stationery and other exam gear for the exam day. You ought to have:

    • At slightest 3 pens, pencil, eraser.
    • Admit card, ID verification,
    • Wrist Watch
    • Chocolates treat, biting gums, water bottle.

On the night prior to the exam, you should endeavor to get around eight hours of sleep, despite the fact that what typically happens is that applicants just get the chance to rest for around four to six hours. As sleep is important as it vitalizes the brain cells and helps you to concentrate better on the exam.

On the off chance,  you would have prepared well for a year, you need not, get involved in the hard studies a day before the exam.

You can have a look at your handwritten notes, if necessary.


Do not converse with a large number of people(competitors) a day before the exam as it may interfere with your mind endeavoring to relax.

If possible try to meditate and focus on your positivity and strengths.

Tune into calming music, serenades or whatever unwinds you.


Abstain from eating undesirable nourishment.

Try not to pick up anything new this last day.

Maintain a strategic distance from negative thinking like, ‘imagining a scenario in which I don’t clear the IAS prelim.

At last I would state that have faith in yourself, your preparation and the almighty power. Nothing can snatch from you what you deserve.

Good Luck ..!!