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Time Management for UPSC Preparation

Time management for UPSC examination is very important not just while giving the exam but also for UPSC preparation. UPSC exam is a prestigious exam which demands a very planned and dedicated study schedule from the candidate. Time management is an art of controlling the time and activities so as to achieve the desired goal. The syllabus of UPSC is exceptionally unlimited so the time for UPSC preparation is constrained. Hence, proper time management for UPSC examination plays an important role in achieving your goal.

Time Management for UPSC Examination

  • Set achievable target: Always set time bound targets that are achievable, for UPSC preparation,. If the target is not accomplished in the desired period then do not panic, just revise the schedule. Try to achieve the target and take a break and start with a new topic. Pen down your plan for a day and check at the end of the day if you have done well.
  • Don’t make an exhaustive schedule: Plan before hand and make a schedule for UPSC preparation. Ideally a good schedule comprises of sufficient amount of breaks too, and the right amount of study hours since overburdening yourself with too much of study will reduce the ability to understand the topic. Candidates should also include an hour to dedicate for personality development as UPSC exam tests the overall personality of the candidates.
  • Assess yourself periodically: Time management for UPSC examination should also include self-evaluation to understand the learning you have achieved, by writing mock tests. If you are lacking in some concepts, revise again. All this process helps in better UPSC preparation.
  • Analyze previous years’ papers: Go through previous years’ papers and analyze the topics of your strength and weakness for UPSC preparation. This helps in selecting subjects for mains and for prelims and aids in effective time management for UPSC examination on the basis of topics which need to be given more attention.
  • Constant reading without failure: Make a habit of reading daily. Reading newspapers, books of syllabus and magazines of current affairs helps to get a big picture about the current happenings around the world and up to date knowledge which are an essential component of UPSC exam preparation.
  • Keep Distractions at bay: Keep distractions like mobiles, phones, TV and social media at bay. When you have to ensure effective UPSC preparation, these distractions waste a lot of your time and then the real goal goes for a toss.
  • Make a time table and stick to it: Effective time management for UPSC examination begins with making a time table and sticking to it. Do not go overboard with the time table. However, keep some amount of time in hand as surplus for the flexibility in case of some emergency. Do not plan so strict that emergency breaks become a big problem.
  • Eat healthy and exercise and sleep well: UPSC preparation is not just about studying; it’s about management of time along with staying healthy ad focused. A fit body helps in studying better and retaining the knowledge well. So, eat timely and eat healthy and have adequate sleep. Take some time out for exercise and yoga which relieve the mental pressure and ensure successful UPSC preparation for you to reach your goal.