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How to make a time table for UPSC preparation ?

The mother of all exams- the UPSC exam is widely believed to be not everybody’s cup of tea. The sheer amount of persistence, diligence and consistent hard work that clearing the UPSC exam requires, make it a distant dream career for many aspirants. Most of them do not even dare to dive into the ocean of UPSC timetable preparation time and the ones who do, more often than not get bogged down by the demanding UPSC Syllabus and give up their dream career.

Time table for UPSC preparation

Here we are providing the key tips on how to prepare the timetable for UPSC exams.The primary reason for this dejection is not being able to manage one’s time devoted to UPSC preparation, properly. So here we will tell you how to make an effective UPSC chart preparation time.

How to make a time table for UPSC preparation

Start with UPSC syllabus

To make a time table for UPSC chart preparation time, first and foremost you need to get well versed with your UPSC syllabus for both UPSC prelims as well as UPSC Mains. Know it verbatim so that you do not waste time studying unnecessary things.

Plan for finishing UPSC syllabus

Do backwards planning, i.e, calculate the number of topics you have at hand, to be covered and the number of days left for your UPSC exam. Now allot a specific number of chapters to each day, in a way that you cover all the important topics by the day of your UPSC exam.

Start your day with a newspaper for UPSC preparation

Current affairs play a dominant role in both UPSC prelims as well as UPSC Mains exam so it is extremely imperative to stay abreast with all the latest happenings around the world. Make it a habit to read The Hindu or The Indian Express daily for at least one hour. Starting your day by reading a newspaper along with your daily cup of coffee will also help you kick start your day effectively.

UPSC Mains optional subject

The marks you score in your UPSC Mains optional subject are going to determine your final rank, hence you cannot afford to ignore your UPSC optional subject at any cost, no matter how strong you are in that subject. You need to make sure that you devote at least 4 hours towards studying your UPSC Mains optional subject. So after your newspaper reading session you can easily take up your UPSC optional subject study till your lunchtime.

General studies for UPSC exam

As far as General Studies for UPSC is concerned, you can take up two subjects at a time. A good idea would be to start with History and Polity. You can devote two and a half hours to each subject and then go for a walk with your friends.

Discussions and debates for UPSC exam


When out with your friends, engage in healthy discussions about what’s happening around you. These discussions will help you broaden your understanding of an issue and help you in answer writing for UPSC Mains exams as well as in UPSC interview where incorporating various perspectives in your answer always fetches you bonus points.

AIR News spotlight for UPSC preparation

By the time you have your dinner your brain would already have been saturated with an entire day of study, so utilize the time after dinner to listen to All India Radio news summaries or a prime time news debate on television. Watching the debates on Rajya Sabha TV will also prove beneficial in the long run. You can end your day with a quick revision of all that you studies during the day.

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, so do not spend your entire day just poring over books. Keep taking 10 or 15 minutes break in between your study sessions. Also go for a walk, jog or run in the nearest park and make sure to exercise regularly in order to keep your body healthy and mind rejuvenated. Exercising also pimps more oxygen to the brain and increases its alertness. Keep your meals light and take a healthy diet as you will become prone to putting on weight if you sit and study continuously.

The chart preparation time for UPSC is not a one size fits all approach and aspirants are most welcome to tweak it according to their study preferences and time availability. However, beginners who have no clue as to where and how to start their UPSC preparation are sure to find this workable.

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