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Books to read for UPSC Preparation

A plethora of UPSC Books is available on various subjects and different topics, offering many tips for UPSC preparation and several tricks for getting higher ranks in UPSC exams. Most of the UPSC aspirants get confused with an availability of the vast number of books on the variety of subjects.  While choosing the books for UPSC preparation, the aspirants have to be very careful. Some of the books do not have proper content and precise answers, which could affect the results and the performance of the candidates who spend hours going through these books. Hence let us discuss few most preferred and extremely useful UPSC books which will definitely help the aspirants in UPSC preparation. Candidates also prefer reading UPSC BOOKS IN HINDI.

Most useful books for UPSC exam

While concentrating on the UPSC preparation, the candidates have to read the NCERT books which are most useful and very effective in building the basics of the variety of subjects. The best UPSC books are the NCERT textbooks from standard 6 to standard 12 of different subjects which cover a variety of important topics.

The main subjects that the candidates should concentrate on while preparing for the UPSC exam are given below:

  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Political science
  • Fine arts

Schedule the time for reading UPSC books for UPSC Preparation

The candidates have to schedule the time to read these 30 to 40 NCERT books during two to three months of time. Reading these books helps in focusing on the subjects well and enhancing the knowledge regarding every subject.

How to study?

Candidates can read the NCERT books for UPSC preparation in two different ways:

  1. Study the books subject-wise – Method 1
  • Reading the books according to the subject for UPSC preparation.
  • Collect all the books of one particular subject from standard 6 to standard 12.
  • Start reading books from class 6, for example, read the book of the science of standard 6.
  • Prepare the notes and note the important points.
  • Read the books on the same subject, of next standard and so on.
  • Reading the books on one particular subject is more effective and consumes less time.
  1. Study the books class-wise – Method 2
  • Reading the books according to the class, for UPSC preparation
  • Collect all the books on specific subjects of standard 6
  • Make notes and write the important facts while reading.
  • Once all the books of standard 6 are over then start with standard 7.
  • Read the books from all the standards till the standard 12.

But most of the candidates prefer method 1 over method 2. When the candidates read the books class wise, it takes the longest time to complete one subject.


The candidate can now select the books which are specially written for UPSC preparation on various topics, by eminent authors.  Given below is a list of books for various subjects, which are considered to be quintessential for any UPSC aspirant’s preparation. Candidates can buy UPSC BOOKS ONLINE through various websites. Below are some UPSC BOOKS LIST which is important in their own aspect.




Indian Polity by M. Laxmikanth

UPSC books

History A brief history of Modern India by Spectrum

UPSC books


Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh

UPSC books

Economic Survey

UPSC books

Geography GEOGRAPHY of India by Majid Hussain

UPSC books

Environment Environment by Shankar IAS Academy (To be read selectively)

UPSC books

General Awareness India Year Book

UPSC books

Current Affairs The Hindu

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