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UPSC Mains 2019 General Studies Paper 1 | Detailed Analysis

UPSC Mains 2019 General Studies Paper 1 Analysis- As usual, UPSC Mains General Studies Paper 1 or GS paper 1 is not easy to attempt in 3 hours, even if you have done the substantial reading. This year the UPSC Mains 2019 General Studies Paper 1 was held on 30th October. In this article, we will provide the complete analysis of the UPSC Mains 2019 General Studies Paper 1. It seems like a hard nut to crack with some conditions such as time limit, word limit, legible handwriting, good presentation, suitable and appropriate current examples and last but not least fetching the good marks.

Since everyone appearing the same exam for the same motto, so it’s the dire need that your answer should be on the line of UPSC expectations.And we are trying our best to give you a comprehensive and valuable analysis of this year question papers, that will help you to keep your preparation in the right direction.

This is the second analysis in the series of “Mains Analysis 2019”.Here is given the analysis of GS Paper 1 that was held in  2019, Monday.First, we will go through the section wise allocation of the number of questions and marks that have been done by UPSC.

UPSC Mains 2019 General Studies Paper 1 Analysis


Sections Subject No.Of

Question asked

Marks Actual Question Asked in Mains GS I 2017 World Limit

No of Questions-8

Total Marks-100

Ancient History


Indian Heritage & Art

1 10 1.How do you justify the view that the level of excellence of the Gupta numismatic art is not at all noticeable in later times? 150 words
Medieval History 1 10 2.Clarify how mid-eighteenth century India was beset with the specter of a fragmented polity. 150 words
Modern History 5 70 3.Why did the ‘Moderates’ failed to carry conviction with the nation about their proclaimed ideology

and political goals by the end of the nineteenth century?

150 words
12.Examine how the decline of traditional artisanal industry in colonial India crippled the rural economy. 250 words
13.Highlight the importance of the new objectives that got added to the vision of Indian Independence since the twenties of the last century. 250 words
18.The women’s questions arose in modern India as a part of the 19th-century social reform

movement.What are the major issues and debates concerning women in that period?

250 words
19.Distinguish between religiousness/religiosity and communalism giving one example

of how the former has got transformed into the latter in independent India.

250 words
World History 1 10 4.What problems are germane to the decolonization process in the Malay Peninsula? 150 words

No. of Questions-8

Total Marks-100

Physical Geography

(India & World)

4 50 5.How does the Juno Mission of NASA help to understand the origin and evolution of the Earth? 150 words
8.How does the cryosphere affect global climate? 150 words
14.Account for variations in oceanic salinity and discuss its multi-dimensional effects. 250 words
17.What characteristics can be assigned to monsoon climate that succeeds in feeding

more than 50 percent of the world population residing in Monsoon Asia?

250 words
Human Geography


(India & World)

4 50 6.“In spite of adverse environmental impact, coal mining is still inevitable for development”.


150 words
7.Mention the advantages of the cultivation of pulses because of which the year 2016 was declared as the International Year of Pulses by United Nations. 150 words
15.Petroleum refineries are not necessarily located nearer to crude oil producing areas, particularly

in many of the developing countries. Explain its implications.

250 words
16.In what way can floods be converted into a sustainable source of irrigation and all-weather inland navigation in India? 250 words
Indian Society

No. of Questions-4

Total Marks-50

Features of Indian

Society-Diversity, Cast

System and Tolerance

3 35 9.In the context of the diversity of India, can it be said that the regions form cultural units

rather than the States? Give reasons with examples for your viewpoint.

150 words
10.What are the two major legal initiatives by the State since Independence addressing discrimination against Scheduled Tribes(STs)? 150 words
11.The spirit of tolerance and love is not only an interesting feature of Indian society from very

early times, but it is also playing an important part at the present. Elaborate.

250 words
Problems related

to Development

1 15 20.“The growth of cities as I.T. hubs has opened up new avenues of employment, but has also

created new problems”. Substantiate this statement with examples.

250 words
Total No.of Question and Marks 20 250


The number of question is kept same for this year also. But UPSC has made some changes in the pattern of question paper for UPSC Mains 2019 General Studies Paper 1 as,

  1. Paper is divided into two sections that are not indicated in the paper but can be assumed easily.First 10 question(1-10) are awarded 10 marks each and last 10 question (11-20) are 15 marks each.
  2. World limit has varied for each question.World limit for first 10 question is 150 words and for last 10 questions is 250 words.So it is more challenging to manage time intelligently when you are attempting each question.
  3. Marks are divided very perfectly among the major section -History(100), Society(50) and Geography(100)  as per the value is given to syllabus.
  4. Moreover, questions are jumbled.Until last year there was a sequence -Art and heritage, Indian History, World History, Society, and Geography.
  5. This year World History has given less importance.Only one question of mark 10 is asked this year.
  6. By now, GS I does not need to prepare current affairs of science and technology but the Juno Mission indicate that current affairs are equally important for all the three papers of GS
  7. Most of the questions are concept and analysis based.No one can answer these question without having to brainstorm.

So, UPSC has again proved that trying to know everything may not be the right approach for UPSC Mains General Studies Paper 1; a right strategy is required. So the strategy of preparation needs to be changed.Most importantly it should be filtered out what to read or what not to read.

Read more, Think much more and Revise more and more. It’s the key to fetch maximum marks in UPSC Civil Services Exams.

All the Best for you preparation.Be focused, keep reading, be healthy and enjoy the way of learning.

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