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UPSC Previous Years Question Papers

Practising previous years papers is crucial for IAS exam. Every IAS Aspirant is looking for Free UPSC previous years Question papers. Therefore, here we’ve curated UPSC Previous Years Question Papers along with their answer keys to help you enhance  your preparation. Hope you make the most out of it, and also share the same with your friends. Below you can find previous years question papers like UPSC Question paper 2018, UPSC Question Paper 2017,etc.

You can easily locate the links to both the UPSC previous years question papers,  and their answer keys towards the end of this article and ace your UPSC civil services exam 2018-19.

How to practice UPSC Previous Years Question Papers?

Once you download UPSC Previous Years Question Papers from below, you’ll get an idea of what kind of questions are asked in the exam, which will help you devise your own strategy to attempt the exam.

  • First of all, start practicing these question papers, only when you’re done with your preparation once. Otherwise, your preparation would be biased towards what was asked in the exam
  • Practise writing answers and time yourself. See, if the best asnwer is coming out in the given time
  • Refer the answer keys and try to improve your answers
  • Try to use appropriate visual representation in your answers

 So, here are the UPSC Previous Years Questions Papers. Just click on the links below and download them.